OH MY GOD OKAY. I have HATED the "we're soulmates, we're supposed to be together, we're better than humans" plotline since Roswell; do not even get me started on Max/Tess, because that literally happened when I am in college and it still makes my eye twitch, okay? Like--for real, I'm glad Parenthood is doing well, and I hear Friday Night Lights was good, but I still sort of want to punch Jason Katims in the face for the second half of Roswell's first season.

So, you know, hearing William say that he and Audrey are destined to be together and they're better than inferior humans and all that nonsense? RAGE. RAGE BLACKOUT. I...do not actually think it's a bad place for the show to go? And it leaves Howard's line about Audrey being the most human human a lot more interesting. Also, you know, the usual "how do we define issues of identity in terms of Audrey Parker" questions, which: she's Audrey Parker. Part of Lexie DeWitt is in her. She does not, functionally, remember being Sarah, or Lucy, or whoever the hell William loved, so it's a moot point. But--you know, he's running around, giving out Troubles like shitty Halloween candy, so clearly he will listen to this argument and not go off like a crazy person OH WAIT NO HE WILL DO EXACTLY THAT.

(Also, this is the only time I have ever found Colin Ferguson creepy as hell, so kudos to sir for that. Seven years on Eureka, the man finally gets to be a villain!)


-Dwight lived! Shut up, every time that guy shows up I get worried for him. (And Jennifer, because, you know, look how great Claire and Tommy and Wade and Jordan worked out.) Adam Copeland sells Crazy!Dwight like a champ.

-Crazy!Jennifer and Crazy!Nathan didn't work as well for me, but not for lack of trying. Just--clearly Dwight's working through something re: Jordan's death, and it lends something extra? Also: OH GOD WRATH OF KHAN FLASHBACKS EW EW EW.

-Also while I'm making requests, can we never kill Gloria? She's amazing. I miss Lucassi, but it's almost worth it for him fleeing town in the middle of the night while stealing his neighbors' cats. Best escape from Haven EVER.

-I still say Jennifer's a barn baby, and I'm still leaning towards her being James and/or Arla's? But if they go "she's William and Audrey's!", I am going to punch someone in the throat. Probably not a crew member or anything, but, you know. GAAAAAAH NO.

-I started laughing on "I'm the real Chief", but, um. I don't think it was intentional?

And next week, the Haven writers get really sad they can't write fanfic every week, so they just went, "Fuck it: small town AU where Nathan's a doctor, Duke's a cop, and SERIOUSLY WHAT IS VINCE WEARING OH MY GOD." Also more William! NATHAN, SERIOUSLY, ANY TIME YOU WANT TO PULL A HOWARD AGAIN, FEEL FREE.


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