Here's the main thing about Hannibal that, as a rule, breaks my heart: )

Aaaaaaaand now that we have roughly 6-8 months of NOTHING to deal with, it's time to start in on Project Gale Watches All Those Danish Movies She's "Obtained", interspersed with the ongoing Project 180 and Hugh Dancy, I Cannot Believe I Watched Basic Instinct 2 For You and David Morissey.
Sooooooo apparently the way to turn me from someone who watches GOT every week but doesn't especially give a shit to someone who wants ALL THE NEWS RIGHT NOW NOW NOW GIMME is to mention that not only have they contacted Mads Mikkelsen to play Euron Greyjoy, they're in negotiations.


(And not that I need to say anything, because as far as I know this is Tumblr losing its shit over a rumor, but GOT only does 10 eps a year, and the Greyjoy thing isn't--I can't see him being in more than 4? And it films at a weird time, so it's totally doable to play Euron and still be The World's Best Cannibal.)

movie review: The Three Musketeers )
Tonight's May 30. Supposedly, we find out whether or not Hannibal is canceled before June 1, so theoretically tomorrow. So if you're one of the, like, six people I have friended on Twitter - holy God, this show made me get a Twitter account - sorry for the spam from 10-11 PM EST.

I literally haven't had the Fandom Stomach in years. You know, the one where you actually worry about cancellation? TVD's spoiled me, I think, but it's more like I haven't given this much of a shit in a really, really long time, and as awful as it makes me feel, I don't want it to go anywhere.

So, you know, if you have ten seconds tonight and want to send up a prayer to the programming gods or the fandom gnomes, it'd be appreciated. I'm going to be over here, holding a teeny tiny prayer circle and trying not to think about even the possibility of it being canceled I DIDN'T SAY IT YOU CAN'T PROVE ANYTHING.
And since we're in the TVD hiatus - see y'all in September, it's time for Hannibal Thursdays, in which Bryan Fuller makes a show that EATS MY FACE (heh) (pun intended) and I join a nearby prayer circle that it doesn't get canceled because EVEN JOKING ABOUT IT IS NOT FUCKING FUNNY, OKAY.

Feel free to freak out here post 11 PM EST! God knows I will be!
I don't normally do this this early, but it's in danger of being canceled and WE CANNOT LET THIS HAPPEN, PEOPLE. I made a Twitter account to stop that from happening. I have written physical letters and joined BS NBC "panels", all right? I feel like I'm possessed. It's weird and uncomfortable and I am legit not letting myself think about there being no season 2 because sometimes fandom should get nice things, all right?

Nothing Here is Vegetarian: A Hannibal mid-season-1 Pimp Post )

If anyone wants to add recs or awesome things in the comments, feel free! I'm not trying to pimp in a void, here.
I...appear to have created a twitter solely to spam NBC's account so they don't cancel Hannibal after Thursday. LOOK AT WHAT YOU'VE WROUGHT, NBC. JUST SAVE IT ALREADY, IT'S FAIRLY CHEAP.

(Also at some point I may use it for other things? But do not hold your breath. If anyone is interested - and I cannot see why, frankly - I'm [at] iphignia939.)
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( May. 7th, 2013 11:12 pm)
Bad news: Wade Robson (remember him? Oh, popslash. You were a billion years ago) is suing Michael Jackson's estate, alleging that he was molested by the singer.

Good news: Daniel Gillies and his wife, Rachel Leigh Cook, are having a baby! If they legit name him or her Keanu Robocop, I am buying someone a fruit basket.

And now it's back to fruitlessly passing the time until Haven S4 (UGH WILL YOU NEVER BE SEPTEMBER) by watching Danish cop shows, because Hannibal has broken me and this is who I am now. (You guys, remind me to talk to you a lot about the 2004 King Arthur movie, in which Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham are two of Arthur's knights. THERE IS HORSE REINCARNATION, IT IS KIND OF FANTASTIC.)


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