So in a recent blog, LJ Smith used the terms "Delena" and "Bamon", got my hopes up REALLY FUCKING HIGH for TVD: The Return: Midnight, and basically said the entire series is gonna end up GSF. Also, she's writing more Forbidden Game and Secret Circle novels.

"Remember, this series started out as a love triangle between Stefan, Damon, and Elena. Now it’s some polygonal shape in eleven dimensions, and includes most of the characters as they become 'more than friends.'"

So, uh, all that happened.

Name me someone better to play Haymitch in the Hunger Games movies than Timothy Hutton. Go ahead, try. YOU CANNOT.
Three things I can take with me from the season finale of Leverage:

1. Eliot Spencer > Batman.


3. "Uh-oh." "...hi." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember when I said I wanted this week to be lighter so I could relax? AHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA, OH SHOW.

tvd 2.9: katerina )
The main two things I have gleaned from watching Sherlock on Masterpiece Mystery! the last two weeks, besides "for the love of God, they cut shit out, get the DVDs":

1) Dear BBC: Give me more. No, "2011" is not a great timeline. That is not more. More means MORE. NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW--

2) The Cumberbatch thing is not terribly surprising - though holy shit, that's Rory from Fortysomething, I watch waaaaaaaay too much PBS - but the Freeman thing snuck up on me. I have always liked John Watson! Military man, good with a gun, he's a doctor. All good things! Jude Law in a bowler hat! Also good! Did not love the mustache so much, but we compromise in life!

Give me Tim from The Office in an oatmeal-colored sweater and suddenly my brain is like, "TAKE YOUR PANTS OFF IMMEDIATELY, JFC." I'm conditionally renaming this The Patrick Stump Conundrum. (Incidentally, also the name of my second band.)
Train = Turistas On a Train, with a teeeeeny bit of Hostel.

stealers )

Eh. *seesaws hand* Maybe rent this one if you think the one line description sounds like your cup of tea; otherwise, skip it. You're not really gonna be missing a lot.
Baby’s first two-parter! Mama’s so proud.

(Even weirder: it’s on the same day Ian announces he’s starting a foundation, and Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain – who wrote this ep, btw – option The Secret Circle as a series. PLEASE GOD YES. It’s been one of those weeks.)

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( Oct. 7th, 2010 10:47 pm)
It's been a weird, weird day. You start off riding a ferry for the first time, and watching a super cute Navy private having lunch under a tree (on a surprisingly nice day, for Florida) with his Manic Pixie Dream Girl gf. He was in fatigues! She looked like Ashley Greene in Twilight! I almost took a picture! (Don't judge me, okay? They were unpacking lunch stuff. I wanted to clap.)

So of course, you end a day like that by sleeping through motherfucking Vampire Diaries.

It's fine; I'm pretty sure it taped. I just--GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. *stomps off to sulk away rest of the night*
"When you take the zombies away, what my character does in the pilot, she's just a bitch." - Sarah Wayne Callies

Okay, a couple things:

1) NO YOU'RE NOT. ...okay, you kind of are, BUT STILL. (She's playing Lori, for those of you familiar with the comic.)

2) --seriously, I hope that hair in all the promo pictures is just awkwardly shopped because that's like the weeks Kat Graham's hairstylist saddles her with the bad wigs. No no no. HOT AWESOME LADIES WHO FIGHT EVIL SHOULD NOT HAVE BAD HAIR, GODDAMMIT.

The Walking Dead starts Oct. 31, Halloween night, on AMC. Y'all should watch it.

(It also features a man riding a horse down Main Street, Norman Reedus, and a metric fuckton of zombies, if any of those are Things You Like.)
So this is one of those weeks – and if you’ve been watching this show since the beginning, you know this happens sometimes – where a lot happens, but it’s less of a WHAM! episode. Which is fine. Everyone needs breathers.

tvd 2.3: bad moon rising )
So you know who’s my third favorite? Caroline Goddamn Forbes, that’s how. If you’d told me that a year ago, I would have snorted Diet Coke out my nose.

For the record, I am not all that fond of Rosalie Hale, unless she’s played by Nikki Reed. I don’t know that Caroline would be, either. I mean, beforehand. Now, yeah, probably a bit.

Contains spoilers through brave new world, obvs.

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