Reveal time! Yes, I did a ficathon this year. I know! I was surprised too.

Originally written for [personal profile] silviakundera for the 2011 [profile] tvd_holidays ficathon; Klaus/Stefan.

(Hilariously, halfway through this I got the idea for a different story, which will, if I ever write it, end up being better than this one; if I do, that one's for [personal profile] silviakundera, too.)

Pulling Pigtails )
Apparently, all I needed to write fic again was the return of Alaric Saltzman, World's Most Badass High School History Teacher. ...which somehow led to 10,000+ words of fic, including the first porn I've written in a ridiculously long time. This is like the time joining a ficathon made me write [personal profile] eatsscissors 26,000 words of Jack/Boone AU amputee porn. I DON'T KNOW, YOU GUYS, I JUST WORK HERE.

floriography )
So you know who’s my third favorite? Caroline Goddamn Forbes, that’s how. If you’d told me that a year ago, I would have snorted Diet Coke out my nose.

For the record, I am not all that fond of Rosalie Hale, unless she’s played by Nikki Reed. I don’t know that Caroline would be, either. I mean, beforehand. Now, yeah, probably a bit.

Contains spoilers through brave new world, obvs.

TVD fic: not your Rosalie Hale )
This is wildly AU as of the season premiere, mostly because I didn’t finish it ‘til yesterday. I’d like to think it still holds up.

In which Damon needs to get out of town, and Alaric really needs to stop letting strange vampires into his apartment. [6,556 words]

tvd fic: try the brittle )
I wrote fic! Holy SHIT, y’all.

Specifically, I wrote Stefan/Damon, which I apparently had problems gacking in my head...until I saw spoiler pictures, at which point my brain went “PERIOD PIECE” and fell over in a heap.

If this ends with me writing a fucking threesome, I’m punching someone.

TVD fic: changes )
You guys, I wrote something! It is Bonnie/Damon, and could easily be read as gen if you are still pairing-skittish, but whatever! Finished a story!

the same source )
This is Vampire Diaries fic! I know! I’m surprised, too!

It’s sort of show-related, sort of book-related, mostly because I don’t know how—or if—they’re going to deal with Katherine, let alone Klaus. (If you don’t know who Klaus is, or if you want to be spoiled for the show, maybe don’t read this.)

VD: though it is not recorded )


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