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( Mar. 4th, 2010 12:27 am)
They don't want to hear about how slurping Mountain Dew and getting fat playing WoW and avoiding all actual human contact might just be keeping them from being awesome and having lots of sex. I surmise that they are well aware. And it's a truism that the only people -- ask the fanfic ladies -- that get officious and righteous about internet stereotypes are the ones to whom it one hundred percent applies, so like... Who are you even talking to right now?)

Each other, asshat! Because some of us are too busy assuming we're all ladies, or white, or fat, or WHAT THE FUCK EVER to have a conversation *with* us, as opposed to *about* us.

(Yes, I know I should just stop reading the fucking things. Like you've never done anything middling and self-destructive on the internet before.)
Hey, remember when Jacob from TWOP said that fanfic was all fat girls trying to steal the power from gay men?

"Sugar, We're Going Down." God, he's amazing. This song has the most beautiful chorus, lyrically and melodically. To get the full effect you should hear the Patrick Stump remix. He's the one from Fall Out Boy that is actually the point of Fall Out Boy, and he's so talented, and beautiful, and he gets zero credit.

Okay, Jacob, fine, you win. Maybe you’re not so ba-—

Just ask the fanfic people, who apparently have never been as oppressed as they are by me, and other people who find what they do empty of creativity and sexually sheltered to an offensive degree. Those white women know what it is to suffer for their non-art. After all, using other people's characters and stories to explore other people's sexuality is really a great way to develop your own world and sexuality without doing either.



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