This is Vampire Diaries fic! I know! I’m surprised, too!

It’s sort of show-related, sort of book-related, mostly because I don’t know how—or if—they’re going to deal with Katherine, let alone Klaus. (If you don’t know who Klaus is, or if you want to be spoiled for the show, maybe don’t read this.)

VD: though it is not recorded )
For the thefutureislost ficathon. In which five years have passed, people have gotten on with it, and I finally write Kate and Hurley! [Ed. It is seriously loopy, how Jossed everything I wrote for this goddamn fandom is.]

it takes a village )
This is what happens when I try to channel theories about the show – not spoilers, *theories* - into fic. No one wins, people. Except maybe Locke, who’s pretty frelling cool.

potential )


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