I am incapable of being impartial about this; one of the first non-Star Trek things I was fannish about, waaaaay back in 1992 (SHUT UP OKAY I'M OLD) was the BBC Tomorrow People reboot, which was sort of dumb but also amazing? (And then the guys who did the Big Finish 1970s audio dramas retconned '92 away and said *those* Tomorrow People were crazy people who were all killed in a terrorist plot or something, which is just weaksauce, guys, for real.)

(Also, you should totes find the '92 version on YouTube, because in some ways it is terrible - it's marketed for young kids, for a start, kind of like old-school Who, but it features baby Naomie Harris with some super-sweet braids and CHRISTOPHER FUCKING LEE as THE PHAROAH RAMESES. Like, that happened. He has eyeliner and everything. It is worth it JUST FOR THAT.)

But yeah, The Tomorrow People: it's pretty great.

Pimp Posts & You: The Tomorrow People 2013 )

The Tomorrow People currently airs Wednesdays at 9 PM on The CW - BUT! starting March 17, the show moves to 9 PM EST on MONDAYS. MONDAYS, not Wednesdays.
So there's this show on SyFy (ugh, that spelling) called Haven. It's pretty great! You should watch it. A LOT.

Pimp Posts and You: Haven )

As with any pimp post, I freely admit I could have gotten something wrong; if I did, feel free to leave corrections in the comments--or post other things you think people should know, whatever.

Season Four starts Friday, September 13 - I KNOW - at 10 PM EST. Now with 100% extra Colin Ferguson!
It's that time of year again: Who's Who in Season Three of The Vampire Diaries. Catch up! It was kind of busy.

getting to know you: who's who in season 3 of the vampire diaries )

The Vampire Diaries returns for its fourth season (!!!) next Thursday, October 11, at 8 PM EST.
Oh, man, it's that time of year again already? AWESOME.

So this year, I'm doing the best moments before I do the Recap of People, mostly because...this is the post that got finished first. So here we go!

Then There Was That Time Damon Wrote Stefan/Squirrel Fanfic: The Top 21 Moments From S3 of The Vampire Diaries )
iphignia939: (Higurashi)
( Aug. 4th, 2011 08:03 pm)
I don't talk about it a lot, but my favorite manga in the entire world is Pet Shop of Horrors by Akino Matsuri.


Pet Shop of Horrors: all sales are final )
Two days, people! THERE’S STILL TIME! (You should all be really glad I don’t vid, because Jesus Christ I would be spamming you.)

I’m Here to Eat Cotton Candy And Steal Your Girl: 15 Best Moments From S1 of TVD )
So in honor of the fact that the DVDs came out Tuesday (!!!) and the season premiere is less than a week from tonight (!!!!!!!!!), I’m giving you my 9 favorite TVD things from S1. (Later in the week, it’s my 15 favorite scenes.) (You guys should do this too, it’s pretty great.)

Have You Tried The Brittle? It Wins Awards: My 9 Favorite Things From S1 of The Vampire Diaries )


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