My least favorite trope in the fucking world is the Evil Twin Switch. Seriously, if I ever got switched with Evil Gale, I would assume my loved ones – like, say, my goddamn team – would notice fairly quickly and work on correcting the problem. Not, you know, just blithely think “oh, this is our Olivia” while Peter bones the evil one.

You guys, I have been pulling for Peter/Olivia for like two seasons now. This is going to wound my soul.

So, yeah: feel free to tell me when things get back to normal, because until then, I’m taking a sabbatical.

(Also, if I had been the one through the ETS, bam! I’d be working with Agents Broyles and Farnsworth, Mr. Bishop and Dr. Bishop. Fuck friendship, fuck apologies and “we didn’t know you were missing!” No. You lose my fucking number until and unless we have a case, assholes. I’ll help you save the world, but otherwise? Momma has plans.)

(...this is probably why I’m not tasked with helping save the world from a secret war with an alternate reality, to be fair.)
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