It never really gets better for Will Graham.

Oh, sure, in bits and pieces it does; he helps catch serial killers, and at some point - S3? - he meets Molly, the woman he'll marry. He loves Molly. And after The Worst Break-Up Ever, he and Molly get the fuck away from Jack Crawford, Hannibal Lecter, and the FBI. They move to Sugarloaf Key, in the Florida Keys. It's nice. It's quiet. He and Molly and Molly's son live in a house on the water; Will fixes boat engines, and eventually stops having nightmares. Things really do get better.

And then Jack Crawford asks him to come back and help on one case - just one! - and everything goes to shit again.

And in the end, Will's a footnote in the story of Clarice and Hannibal: Oh, remember the first FBI agent Lecter dealt with? Guy ended up an alcoholic with a face like a Picasso. Molly and her son leave him there, alone, with sand and sun and a great deal of whiskey.


On the plus side, I am now looking forward to the dueling plots of S3: The Trial of Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham Tells Everyone to Go Fuck Themselves (Except Possibly Beverly Katz) And Gets the Fuck Out of the Maryland/Virginia/D.C. Area.

Aaaaaaaand now that we have roughly 6-8 months of NOTHING to deal with, it's time to start in on Project Gale Watches All Those Danish Movies She's "Obtained", interspersed with the ongoing Project 180 and Hugh Dancy, I Cannot Believe I Watched Basic Instinct 2 For You and David Morissey.


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