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2012-05-20 06:55 pm
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I did not see this one coming.

I spent my afternoon watching Wonder Boys and painting my nails Iron Man (red and gold) and Hulk (purple and green) colors.

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2012-05-13 08:31 pm
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the world is exceedindly tiny, today

Aaaaaaaaaand then tonight I found out my cousin's husband is an extra in The Avengers. DAMN YOU TO HELL, JEFF.

where you can find him! Because I apparently TOTALLY MISSED HIM BOTH TIMES )
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2012-05-04 07:22 pm

earth's mightiest heroes

Aaaaaaaand then this afternoon I saw The Avengers.

Clench up, Legolas. )
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2012-04-19 06:41 pm
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if you were ever going to do it, now is the time

Okay, y'all: It has been a long 40 days, I have all five lead-in movies, and I am extremely susceptible right now. Seriously. I'm on pain meds and getting ready for tonight's TVD.

Pimp me into The Avengers. Picspams, fic links, wacky anecdotes, whatever you got: HIT ME.