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2013-04-08 06:41 pm

I don't know where you're going but do you got room for one more

I thought I was going to be okay, I really was. I was - fine? Happy! for the first three songs.

And then I got to Alone Together, and I realized I was crying.

I missed you so much, boys. I'm really, really glad you're back.
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2013-03-16 08:46 pm

(no subject)

You guys, I am bad at this! I had no idea Patrick married his girlfriend back in September. I am--I am out of it, is what I am saying. But belated congratulations to the happy couple, and high-five for making it low-key enough that I had to find it out via a SXSW article and Wikipedia.
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2012-02-29 07:24 pm
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Quick question: does anyone have handy the address where letters to Patrick Stump can be sent? Presumably it's a C/O, and I'm not proposing a Martin Freeman or Pete Wentz postcard campaign or anything--mostly because the Wentz one went over not all that well--but Jesus, fans can be assholes, and millionaire or not, the dude needs a pick-me-up this week.

Thanks in advance.
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2009-06-08 08:54 pm

fic: Your Grievance (Hellgirl AU, pt. 3)

Written for BBB 2009; reposted here. (Basically, if you read it on LJ, you’re not gonna find anything new.)

hellgirl au: your grievance )