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XMFC picfic: A Thousand Cranes (1/1)

So I promised [personal profile] eisen I would do this. (If by "promised", you mean "OH GOD TARA THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT I HATE YOU," and then I did it anyway.) These are basically a series of snapshots in the MINASFS universe, probably (as they're not all written yet) set in the future at various times. They're optional; you're not missing anything if you miss these.

Picfic: A Thousand Cranes
by gale

SUMMARY: They name the baby Kurt.


They name the baby Kurt.

"Not," Raven assures Charles, "after your stepfather." She makes a face at that. Irene, who never had the pleasure of meeting Kurt Marko and has never been anything but stupidly grateful for it, silently agrees with the sentiment. "It was Irene's father's name."

"It's a perfectly good name," Erik says blithely, reaching out and smiling a little when Kurt's little three-fingered hand grabs onto his finger. "Kurt Adler. A bit like a Sherlock Holmes villain, perhaps--"

"The birth certificate says Kurt Wagner," Irene says, and runs a finger along her son's brow. Kurt is barely six months old, and perhaps a little small for his size, but his grasping reflex is already advanced, and the other day she caught him trying to get hold of something with his tail. He's blue like Raven but deeper, edging towards midnight, and he's covered in downy fur the same shade.

He is the cutest baby she's ever seen. But of course, she's biased.

Erik looks at her askance on "Wagner", but says nothing. Irene is very quietly glad for that.

Then he asks, "Precisely how did this happen?" and Irene stops being glad and starts resisting the urge to kick him.

"If you don't know by now," Raven starts, "Charles clearly hasn't been--"

"You said you were the mother," Charles says loudly--but not too loudly; tiny baby--and cuts her off. "I don't mean to be impolitic--"

"Like that's ever stopped you--"

"--but. How, exactly, did--"

"We're both the mothers," Irene says calmly. "Not for the conception, obviously, but Kurt doesn't have a father." She leans down and kisses his head, which is covered in soft black hair. It's already fallen out once, but grew right back in. "I don't think he'll need one."

It's entirely Raven's business whether or not she chooses to tell anyone about Azazel, and the long talks she'd had with Irene, and Irene telling her stories about her handsome son (who'll either be a swashbuckler or a priest, when he's not working to save mutantkind from its enemies). Irene doesn't think it's self-fulfilling prophecy, but she's always skittish of that.

Still, standing here, looking at Raven holding their son, it's worth it. It's worth anything.

"Prurient question," Erik murmurs. "I apologize. He's beautiful."

"And surprisingly hard to change," Raven says, smirking. "We think it's the tail." She shifts her weight a little. "And now Uncle Charles is going to hold you, yes he is, and change your diaper--"

"You're a horrible woman and I hate you," Charles says, but his eyes light up. He takes Kurt as carefully as he would a bomb of some sort, but Irene's fairly sure even Charles wouldn't lean down and touch a nose to a bomb. Fairly sure. "Your mummy is awful, Kurt," he says solemnly.

Kurt blats at him.

"Awful," Charles says again, "but there's nothing she wouldn't do for you. You will never be safer than you will be with her and your mother. The second safest place you'll ever be is here." He glances at Raven, then Irene. "--if your parents agree to it when you're old enough, anyway."

"He's going to need someone to teach him swordfighting," Irene murmurs. Erik's face lights up.

"Stop that," Charles murmurs, "he's not even toilet-trained yet. Let's get him into short pants before we begin weapons training, shall we?" But there's no real bite to his words, and he sets Kurt down on the table--carefully, carefully--to change him like he's done it a hundred times, instead of (to the best of Irene's knowledge, and not counting possible futures) never.

He's humming a Polish children's song under his breath. Irene is fairly certain it's about learning your numbers. She glances at Erik.

"Things bleed over," he mutters, not even a little pink, though he looks a tiny bit discomfitted.

Irene just smiles and thinks about the mobile back in their room--their temporary one, anyway; the school's getting bigger, and Irene and Raven aren't actually students or staff, so they're in Raven's old room with Kurt. (Not that either of them want to be away from him for too long.)

The mobile is what looks like a branch from one of the trees outside, with what look like a thousand origami cranes tied to it. You'd have to get close enough to really look to see that they're all made of metal, delicately folded like pieces of paper and shaded all the colors of the rainbow. It's hanging near the head of the crib without actually being over it, just in case it gets loose.

Irene thinks, too, about the twins--a boy and a girl--somewhere in Germany, somewhere near the countryside. She's careful to keep that thought to herself, though; let Charles be surprised, for once. She'll leave Erik the diary all about Wanda and Pietro before they go.

"You know," she says mildly, "you'd probably be very good with children."
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i can't even


all the gooey feelings, they are mine

i - cry, so beautiful (THEY HAVE A BABY OH MY GOD, irene wants to kick erik ilher, "i don't mean to be impolitic -" "when has that ever stopped you -" CHARLES YOu'RE SUCH AN ASS, charles' face when they let him mother the baby, erik's face when he gets to teach the baby swordfighting! THINGS BLEED OVER. oh fuck, the twins, ERIK. oh my god, them)

i have such a doofy face rn and that, that, is ALL YOUR FAULT I LOVE YOU.

(i am so excited i fucked up the html and had to repost this, go me)
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fdhgdfhkldfh kurt vs. the terrible romantic advice of his family - truly a showdown for the ages (WHY IS RAVEN THE ONLY SANE ONE IN THIS EQUATION, WHY, i love her and she probably is the only one capable of it but that is terrible), oh god nightcrawler why are you so cute, why are you even cuter as a babby

... eventually, yes. SOB HURRY IT UP, CHUCKLES