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2009-05-14 01:16 am
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fic: It Takes a Village (Lost, gen, 1/1)

For the thefutureislost ficathon. In which five years have passed, people have gotten on with it, and I finally write Kate and Hurley! [Ed. It is seriously loopy, how Jossed everything I wrote for this goddamn fandom is.]

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2009-05-14 01:05 am

fic: Not to Keep (Lost, vague Jack/Boone, 1/1)

Yes, I've written Lost fic. No, it's not smut. And I don't think it's going to be a one-off, either. [Ed: NOW TOTALLY JOSSED BY SAID SHOW.]

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2009-05-09 01:30 am

fic: all sales are final (Pet Shop of Horrors, D/Leon, 1/1)

Dear fandom: someone cut off my supply of anime and manga right now. No, seriously, RIGHT NOW. Or, barring that, point me towards icons, because if I make them it'll just end in tears.

This is Pet Shop of Horrors fic. Orcot/Count D, because come on.

all sales are final )