-sexuality: John eating a sandwich. No, you know what, John eating ANYTHING. (I will never, ever be over The Second Best Dramatic Eating of Food Ever, with the popcorn at the basketball game.) (The First, of course, being Light Yagami Dramatically Eating a Potato Chip in the Death Note Anime.)

-sexuality: John IN A SNOOD.

-sexuality--yeah, fuck it, John doing anything, including drunkenly stumbling into the Jameson house as Stephen's kind of guiding him, like some kind of enormous housecat.

-Russell's disappointment over how Cyrus and Nathan were spending their hitman money. They bought a really nice house in CT with *two* washer-dryers! That's what I like: hitmen with a sensible plan for the future. (This gets even funnier if you've seen the new spoiler pics, where Flashback Russell looks like a pimp on a long weekend in Atlantic City.)

-The general awesomeness of Marla Jameson. Secret Tomorrow Person! Cool mom! Lady who looks great in a hat! I love that she's worried about Stephen, but willing to let him try and make things work re: double agent-hood.

-Luca! Always nice to see you, kid.

-sexuality: John making dinner--okay, okay, I'll stop.

-...I'll stop in a minute, because - buckle the fuck up - I actually agree with Cara re: why she wanted him to come back. I know! Get a pen! But she clearly still loves you, dumbass, even if she also loves Stephen. (No, for real: the smash cut after "isn't there anyone you'd do anything for?" was to Stephen, not John. I'm not new, I know how TV works.) She doesn't just want an assassin. Though, you know, handy.

-Apparently when she's not talking Jedikiah into ordering hit squads on my sweet baby Astrid, I also really like Hillary. Who knew?

-Weirdly, Robbie Amell looks younger in a suit, not older.

-I also love that NO ONE has yet to figure out that Jedikiah + anything having to do with genetics = A TERRIBLE IDEA. Of course he's been trying to give humans powers! Of course it hasn't been working! Also, when they killed Nathan, I straight-up felt bad for Jedikiah, which is new and disturbing.


...so I'm guessing someone (possibly Roger?) fucked with John's memories? Because he's got pretty clear ones of, you know, SHOOTING AND KILLING ROGER. Which now makes Jedikiah sending John to do it even more of a dick move than I previously thought.

Next week: Julian comes back! Which is great, because for a guy I legitimately hate, he's awesome. Also, from the ep description but not the promo: JOHN AND ASTRID BONDING. Get ready, next week I make dolphin noises.
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