Chronicle: Akira and X-Men have a baby. It doesn't end well.

I went into this one hopeful (the trailer was great) but skeptical; Skyline looked really interesting, and that movie was just...ass with shoes. Wow. When Eric Balfour is your name guy, just--I've been disappointed before, is what I'm saying. If I'd been disappointed here, I wouldn't have made a surprised face.

However! Not disappointed! Actually good!

Andrew isn't a happy kid. He's picked on at school; he's got a dying mom and a drunk, abusive dad; his cousin Matt is vaguely tolerant of him but not really friendly. He starts filming his life (as a way of distancing himself from it, it's implied) and ends up at a barn rave with Matt one weekend. When Matt and popular kid Steve find something in the woods, they enlist Andrew and his camera to come document it--and that's when shit really starts getting weird.

I'm actually really hesitant to give away more than that; you get a good general synopsis from the commercials, and I think found footage movies are the sort of thing you need to see cold. There are good reasons given for the choices that are made. Matt starts off as kind of a dick, the guy who got reeeeeeally into philosophy and thought he was too good for high school. It's really easy to read Steve as a popular jock asshole, but he turns out to be a good guy--the rare kind, the one who everyone likes with good reason. Andrew is the most sympathetic of the bunch; even when things go awful, a lot of us have been there. I had an extremely boring home life, sans dying or abusive parents, and in high school if you'd given me telekinesis? Shit would have gone down. (Shit might still go down now. I hold onto grudges the way some people do baseball cards.)

On close look, some of the CGI fails; the trick with the Legos, in particular, is very "we farmed this out to a first-year student". The last act, even with the occasional wobbly CGI-fail, is amazing; Josh Trank has a really good sense of scope, and has no problem trashing the city of Seattle. That's what really got me, actually, in the same way all the Alex/Sean/Angel fights in XMFC did: you watch what happens, and it doesn't feel false. Wrong, maybe, because--hey, we have laws of physics, but that's not the same thing. Like even if you could die doing it, you'd stop dead in the street and just watch what's happening. I love that. It doesn't happen with a lot of movies, as much because the actors don't buy into it as because of CGI-fail, but when it does it can sell even a dumb premise.

(Also, in terms of slash: Steve/Andrew. They are best friends! Steve says so! Steve repeatedly listens to Andrew even when Matt won't!)

So: in case you're skittish, that's why there are matinees, but if you've been thinking about seeing it, give it a try. You might like it.

TRAILERS: Battleship (...seriously. This is a movie.); The Hunger Games (I did not realize that was in March. Wow. Also: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE); Prometheus (GET IN ME NOW NOW NOW).

The Woman In Black, yay or nay? No spoilers; I just want a second opinion. The first opinion being Mark Gatiss, and I tend to trust that guy about horror, so.
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