Dear Internet: Let's talk about Zachary Quinto and Adam Lambert.
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Not sure who Adam Lambert is, but as for Zachary Quinto....

Hello Hottness!!

I had a slightly creepy crush on him when he played an evil killer who looked even better when all dirty on Heroes. I'm full on in lust now that he's gone geek side and played Spock in one of my very first fandoms. I'm a little in love with the reboot of Star Trek.
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Zachary Quinto made me understand why a human woman would marry a Vulcan. I definitely would love to see his big logic in bed. Yowzers. I'd definitely like to help him live long and prosper.

Okay, enough with Trek innuendo.

Also, I think Quinto is definitely underrated and is probably a lot more talented than he's getting credit for.

Not sure who Adam Lambert is, though.


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