The main two things I have gleaned from watching Sherlock on Masterpiece Mystery! the last two weeks, besides "for the love of God, they cut shit out, get the DVDs":

1) Dear BBC: Give me more. No, "2011" is not a great timeline. That is not more. More means MORE. NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW--

2) The Cumberbatch thing is not terribly surprising - though holy shit, that's Rory from Fortysomething, I watch waaaaaaaay too much PBS - but the Freeman thing snuck up on me. I have always liked John Watson! Military man, good with a gun, he's a doctor. All good things! Jude Law in a bowler hat! Also good! Did not love the mustache so much, but we compromise in life!

Give me Tim from The Office in an oatmeal-colored sweater and suddenly my brain is like, "TAKE YOUR PANTS OFF IMMEDIATELY, JFC." I'm conditionally renaming this The Patrick Stump Conundrum. (Incidentally, also the name of my second band.)


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