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( Mar. 23rd, 2014 10:34 pm)
Fandom, I'm asking you to do me a solid.

I'm guessing some of you are going to watch the Star-Crossed marathon tomorrow - don't lie, some of you are watching it - and the new episode at 8. Well, I'm asking you to not change the channel after that.

I'm asking you to give The Tomorrow People a chance.

It's kind of in a dead heat between Star-Crossed and The 100 to see which one is gonna get renewed for next season (which, not for nothing--pick up at least two, do 13-episode seasons like Sleepy Hollow, BOOM! Twice as many shows in a year. YOU'RE WELCOME), and I'd like it to be this one. I've gone into why before; it's a good show, it's getting better, it's finding its feet. It deserves a chance, and I'd like to give it one.

Do you need more reasons? Perfectly okay: Shirtless guys! Thoughtful science fiction! Mark Pellegrino has a steady job! Seriously, if you need a reason to give it a shot, you need look no further than that: Mark Pellegrino has a steady job. Mark Pellegrino, being allowed to develop a character that ISN'T Lucifer or Jacob from Lost.

Also? William Shatner really likes it. If you don't give it a chance for my sake, do it for Captain James T. Kirk. Or Denny Crane. Or because of WILLIAM FUCKING SHATNER. Do YOU want to make William Shatner mad? No. No you don't.

Fandom, work with me on this. You don't have to pay attention, if you don't want to; that's fine. Just--have it on. Tweet about it, so The CW knows you're watching. Go to a Nielsen family's house and commandeer their TiVo.

Tomorrow night, The CW. 9 PM EST. #TheTomorrowPeople.

(If nothing else, it might distract you from the shitshow that's bound to be the Teen Wolf season finale.)


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