iphignia939: (Steve Tabernackle was a good man)
( Feb. 4th, 2010 12:40 am)
So so far this year, we have Tim DeKay, who got his BA in Business Admin before getting his MFA at Rutgers, then working as a casket-maker for a few years before becoming an actor. Oh, leaving aside that time in college when the actual FBI wanted to work in the actual WC unit, which he turned down because it wasn't exciting enough.

We also have Ian Somerhalder, who is part-Choctaw, started modeling at ten, may or may not have ADD, calls the time after he left Lost and did indie films and theater "a fucking terrible idea", and totally showed his junk in Tell Me You Love Me (which also starred Tim DeKay, though they didn't have any scenes together). Oh, and he's from New Orleans and lived in Italy by himself when he was sixteen--which he will mention to you NINE THOUSAND TIMES in an interview--and can apparently make quail "that freaks [you] out."

--so, basically, both my shows have been staffed by magical pixies this year.

(We are leaving aside Matt Bomer doing musical theater, Tiffani Thiessen's husband making a beer-and-ice run during their wedding reception, Kat Graham singing backup for the Black-Eyed Peas and having her own album come out later this year, and Paul Wesley's friends unironically call him "P. Wes." SOMETIMES I LOVE EVERYTHING.)


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