So last night, I dreamed:

(and keep in mind, this is all very strange; I typically don't remember my dreams long enough to make a record of them after I wake up)

-I won M&G at an *NSYNC concert, specifically with JC (everyone had individual M&Gs);

-all my (dream) friends were really excited before we got there, but totally bailed on me once we arrived;

-the club the show was in, my brain identified as The Social, but it was more like a kind of dive bar with 70s-style green shag carpeting and a TV behind the bar;

-the opening act, instead of being another band or group, was the bartender putting a movie on the TV behind said bar;

-a movie director that my brain identified as a cross between Uwe Boll and Rutger Hauer kept poking my neck and petting my hair and otherwise trying to get my attention, as a part of proving some nebulous point to someone else in the club, possibly as film research;

-Benedict Cumberbatch (!) and the Warblers (!) showed up, totally in character, filming a promo for the second season of Sherlock;

-I was called back with everyone else for JC's M&G, but JC had to take a phone call, so instead I wound up talking marketing strategies with one of the other girls at the concert and drawing a really crude sketch of what I thought would be an excellent ad campaign for I *think* an SUV company? Except I cannot draw and she was an environmentalist, so I was being mocked by someone in marketing while JC took one of the other winners, a dude, outside to talk to him privately about some phone call from his mom.

My brain makes no goddamn sense: EXHIBIT A.


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