You guys, not for nothing, but you reaaaaaaally need to work to make a Guardians of the Galaxy movie. You don't have the five-film setup The Avengers had, and Marvel--on its best day--is wonky with its more science-fiction-y series. It could be interesting! It...could also have to explain the sentient-raccoon-with-a-history-as-a-CNA and the living-tree-former-supervillain parts. (Don't even get me started on Mantis. "The former Celestial Madonna is our comms expert!" Just. Wow.)

Instead: you take that money and make a Black Widow movie and a Hulk movie. HEAR ME OUT ON THAT LAST ONE.

Black Widow movie: easy. It's the Bourne Identity with Natasha. Make Clint Marie, put in backstory about Red Room and whether or not she has superpowers; if you need an antagonist, have Yelena show up as the second Black Widow, who's pissed the original is still out there and wants to kill Natasha so she's the only one by that name. Boom! Action movie! Filled with ladies! Boys as eye candy! EVERYONE WINS.

Now, the Hulk movie. This is not complicated: )


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