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Reader, I am really fucking tired. *insert long tedious explanation of the past week involving hospital, fainting, copious vomiting (different days, different family members), family visit, 3 playdates, and ending with my current location in hotel room in Disneyworld*

Everyone is okay now but OMG.

HOWEVER I am actually here to share this vidding zine what lim made, which I was so thrilled to participate in:


I think it is really quite awesome and full of interesting and joyful and fannish thought in the very best way. My own contribution was to rave on about [personal profile] sisabet's vid Bad Romance, which spoiler alert is one of my most favorite vids and if you want to know why GO LOOK AT THE SHINY.

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Posted by <a href="/users/Pohadka/pseuds/Pohadka" rel="author">Pohadka</a>


As promised, the side scenes to the "Job Between Here and There" series. They're in no particular order, so at the beginning of each chapter I'll put a note of where it belongs.

Words: 789, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

Series: Part 7 of The Job Between Here and There

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Posted by <a href="/users/Wolvesandwerewolves/pseuds/Wolvesandwerewolves" rel="author">Wolvesandwerewolves</a>


Peter gets a box in the mail, one week after Neal leaves. It looks like his consultant is sending him on a scavenger hunt, with hints and clues pointing to a life Peter never knew Neal had.

But the scavenger hunt may be the last game Neal plays.

Words: 1639, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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Posted by <a href="/users/Saeirin/pseuds/coppersunshine" rel="author">coppersunshine (Saeirin)</a>


Eliot's stopped eating. Parker thinks she knows why.

Words: 3569, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Posted by <a href="/users/NienteZero/pseuds/NienteZero" rel="author">NienteZero</a>


It's not commitment phobia if you really want that one statuette.

Words: 508, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Posted by <a href="/users/NYWCgirl/pseuds/NYWCgirl" rel="author">NYWCgirl</a>


Peter is pulled over by a patrol. Little does he know…

Words: 1025, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Posted by <a href="/users/anoyo/pseuds/pyrrhical" rel="author">pyrrhical (anoyo)</a>


Peter remembers when he met Neal at Neal's every morning, watching the sunrise over the skyline.

Words: 237, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Posted by <a href="/users/anoyo/pseuds/pyrrhical" rel="author">pyrrhical (anoyo)</a>


Peter had long since stopped being surprised at coming home to find Neal and Elizabeth doing some thing or another with one another, chatting, or baking, or, one particularly strange time, picking out drapery in a magazine.

Words: 439, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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I love it when I’m researching a potential new donor and it turns out that not only do they have past felony convictions for financial crimes, they may have defrauded my own organization already. 

That’s what I call getting out ahead of the curve.

(Actually it’s kind of cool to be the one to uncover potential criminal malfeasance until I have to figure out who to report it to and probably give some kind of statement if it turns out to be true.) 

from Tumblr
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Posted by <a href="/users/Mums_the_Word/pseuds/Mums_the_Word" rel="author">Mums_the_Word</a>


Of course Neal Caffrey was a very clever con artist who could multitask and implement on the fly when necessary. However, at the end of the day, he preferred his world to be neat and orderly, and nothing beat the feeling of having all of his ducks in a row. That was crucial for a successful con. However, in this story, Neal’s life is turned upside down and he feels powerless to right it again.

Words: 4912, Chapters: 2/5, Language: English



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