This meme was originally from--Facebook, I think?--but the version I saw was from [personal profile] handful_ofdust, who's waaaay better at this than I am.

30 Days of Horror Movies meme, crammed into one post )
tvd 3.03: the end of the affair )

Just a reminder, the post for TSC 1.3, "Loner", will be up tomorrow.
Suburgatory + live-action Daria + Jeremy Sisto and Alan Tudyk = Gale actually watching a comedy for the first time in years. Dammit.
tvd 3.02: the hybrid )

Starting this week, the accompany review/recap/nattering for TSC will be up Friday nights, so as not to half-ass both of them. (Also, this way if you watch one and not the other, there's no spoilers.)

Dear [spoiler] on Survivor: DIE IN A FIRE.

Dear Dan DiDio, re: the portrayal of women in the "new" DC Universe: PLEASE SEE ABOVE.

Dear Criminal Minds: --no, you guys were pretty good. Carry on.
44 episodes. 10 characters in the credits. 48 deaths. Three vampires, one hybrid, one werewolf, one witch, four humans. Two ghosts. One birthday. 3 months off. One season premiere. BUCKLE THE FUCK UP.

tvd 3.01: the birthday )


Continuing in this vein (ow), The Secret Circle--based on another series written and created by LJ Smith--premiered tonight. Unsurprisingly, I have some thoughts.

tsc 1.01: pilot )
Following last week's Who's Who For TVD, I figured this week I'd cover some of the highlights from S2. Please note: these are my highlights. Opinions, as ever, may vary.

A Moonstone In A Basket of Bath Soaps: 19 Unforgettable Moments From TVD's Second Season )

TVD's third season starts one week from tonight: Thursday, Sept. 15, at 8 PM EST.
The Vampire Diaries is what happens when True Blood and Twilight have a surly, murderous, really hot baby.

No, seriously.

You would think, from the shorthand--teenage girl torn between two vampire brothers--that that is total bullshit. And if that was what the show was about in its entirety, you might be right. That's just shorthand, though. The actual story is more like "teenage girl torn between two vampire brothers realizes, like, two months in that if that was her entire problem, her life would be SO MUCH FUCKING SIMPLER".

Also, it is balls-out awesome.

Pimp Posts and You: The Vampire Diaries )

Season 3 starts on Thursday, September 15, at 8 PM EST. The first two seasons are currently available on DVD. You can marathon it in a week if you try. You can marathon it in a weekend if you don't sleep and judiciously time your food and pee breaks. GET ON IT.
Campire Stories is what happens when you take Creepshow and Tales From the Crypt, put them in a blender with a bunch of low-level hallucinogenics, and smoke it. I have no idea whether this is a good or a bad thing.

(Hilariously, I'm starting to think [personal profile] scarimonious and I are engaged in some weird-ass unspoken contest to sit through everything awful in the world. Here's a hint: we've both seen Blood Creek.)

now with 100% more Forest Ranger Buster Poindexter )
Dear Leverage: Now I want a cigarette. And I don't even smoke.

This part was a long time in coming. Hopefully, you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Darwin lovers, this one's for you.

MINASFS: all the time I didn't know you yet )
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( Aug. 4th, 2011 08:03 pm)
I don't talk about it a lot, but my favorite manga in the entire world is Pet Shop of Horrors by Akino Matsuri.


Pet Shop of Horrors: all sales are final )
Picfic again! This time we go into the future, and learn that teenagers who can control the weather are not really the kind you want having dating-related crankiness.

MINASFS picfic: A Break In the Weather )
I could use a good San Lorenzo right now, I tell you what.
Until otherwise directed to stop, I'm going to stop that this summer's big Schmidts in Marvel movies - The Red Skull and Sebastian Shaw, in other words - are brothers. I still have my doubts re: Marvel's film development department, but I'm reasonably certain they have at least one continuity guy going "Uh, hey, you have two movies this summer featuring Nazis named Schmidt", and that if they let it slide through, it was for a reason.

Also, this way I can say Hugo Weaving is Kevin Bacon's brother, which is possibly the best casting since my realization that there's a good chance, depending on how everything turns out, that Vinnie Jones is canonically James McAvoy's stepbrother.


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