I have the horrible suspicion I'm going to end up having to write Toby Daye fanfic. Jesus Christ.

I--and there's no way it's going to be as good as the books? But I cannot use my magical powers of persuasion to make other people write me Toby/Tybalt, so clearly I'm going to have to do it myself. DAMMIT.

(...you guys, I seriously want Toby/Tybalt.)
This is wildly AU as of the season premiere, mostly because I didn’t finish it ‘til yesterday. I’d like to think it still holds up.

In which Damon needs to get out of town, and Alaric really needs to stop letting strange vampires into his apartment. [6,556 words]

tvd fic: try the brittle )
If you hated RE: Extinction, welcome back! It totally sucked. This one does not.

resident evil: afterlife )

And now I have to go find my goddamn Prison Break DVDs. Shit.
Last season, we ended with a coma, dead folks, crispy vampires, severed fingers, inappropriate kissing, and a suicide attempt. This year, we go big. HIT IT.

tvd 2.1: the return )
Two days, people! THERE’S STILL TIME! (You should all be really glad I don’t vid, because Jesus Christ I would be spamming you.)

I’m Here to Eat Cotton Candy And Steal Your Girl: 15 Best Moments From S1 of TVD )
So in honor of the fact that the DVDs came out Tuesday (!!!) and the season premiere is less than a week from tonight (!!!!!!!!!), I’m giving you my 9 favorite TVD things from S1. (Later in the week, it’s my 15 favorite scenes.) (You guys should do this too, it’s pretty great.)

Have You Tried The Brittle? It Wins Awards: My 9 Favorite Things From S1 of The Vampire Diaries )
So this has been the Summer of Quick, Distract Me While I Wait For Vampire Diaries to Come Back September 9. This week: Leverage!

sleep is not a hobby, Parker )
Dear Internet:

I would like to point out that there exists a movie that stars both Tom Hardy and Benedict Cumberbatch.

You are welcome.
This post is not All About Tim Hutton. No, no. That comes later.

This post is about a boy named Scott Pilgrim and a girl named Ramona Flowers. They made a movie about it, IDK, you might have heard?

she works for amazon.ca. what's the web address for that? )
Tonight, I have discovered that Timothy Hutton may or may not be a semi-professional falconer, and Matt Davis and Ian Somerhalder both showed up to the TVD panel with sex hair. It sure is Tuesday.

(Also, consider this a placeholder post for the one where I yell a great deal about Leverage, since we're talking about T. Hutt anyway. JESUS CHRIST SEPTEMBER 7 GET HERE ALREADY I NEED A DISTRACTION.)
Q: With shooting season two of “Vampire Diaries,” what can you tease us about what’s going to happen with Bonnie?
Katarina Graham: I can’t talk about the other characters because I don’t want to piss anyone off, but Bonnie is definitely pretty fearless in the new one. If there was a promise to anyone in the last episode, she keeps it. Let’s just say that. She is not one to F with right now; if I didn’t know her, I’d steer clear.

YEEEEEEESSSSSSSS. September 9, you guys, GET ON IT.
re: the official synopses floating around for the (possibly terrible) TVD tie-in novel series Stefan's Diaries:

--if they mention and/or film That Thing From Book Three on the show, officially making it canon? You will be able to hear me laughing from your houses. Oh my GOD.

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( May. 8th, 2010 11:50 pm)
I am trolling the internet for Wolf Lake fanfic.

Hand to God, I started writing this before the whole thing about Damon’s favorite book being Call of the Wild. (It features a brief mention of crossover het, if that crosses your eyes, and is a period piece.)

TVD fic: invisible monsters )
--oh my God, you guys, what about Will and Bella?

tvd 1.21: isobel )
Almost a year’s writer’s block, and what breaks me? The goddamn Vampire Diaries. I feel like hugging Kevin Williamson and punching him in the face.

In which Damon Salvatore has a Really Good Idea. That shit should scare you like a bear with a cobra in its mouth.

TVD fic: find the few living things )


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