Tonight's May 30. Supposedly, we find out whether or not Hannibal is canceled before June 1, so theoretically tomorrow. So if you're one of the, like, six people I have friended on Twitter - holy God, this show made me get a Twitter account - sorry for the spam from 10-11 PM EST.

I literally haven't had the Fandom Stomach in years. You know, the one where you actually worry about cancellation? TVD's spoiled me, I think, but it's more like I haven't given this much of a shit in a really, really long time, and as awful as it makes me feel, I don't want it to go anywhere.

So, you know, if you have ten seconds tonight and want to send up a prayer to the programming gods or the fandom gnomes, it'd be appreciated. I'm going to be over here, holding a teeny tiny prayer circle and trying not to think about even the possibility of it being canceled I DIDN'T SAY IT YOU CAN'T PROVE ANYTHING.


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