I don't normally do this this early, but it's in danger of being canceled and WE CANNOT LET THIS HAPPEN, PEOPLE. I made a Twitter account to stop that from happening. I have written physical letters and joined BS NBC "panels", all right? I feel like I'm possessed. It's weird and uncomfortable and I am legit not letting myself think about there being no season 2 because sometimes fandom should get nice things, all right?

Hannibal airs Thursday nights at 10 PM EST on NBC. We're roughly halfway through the first season of a proposed seven-season arc: 1-3 being a prequel to Red Dragon, 4 Red Dragon, 5 and 6 Silence of the Lambs, and 7 - I'm not sure, I think Hannibal?

ANYWAY. Here are the people in the neighborhood.


Dr. Hannibal Lecter

Dr. Lecter, Dr. Bloom's former mentor, is brought into the investigation into the Minnesota Shrike as a way of keeping Will Graham on a more even keel. He's brilliant, well-mannered, quietly funny, and a fantastic cook.

He's also a serial killer who eats people. I don't know that that's a spoiler, at this point.

(HE IS ALSO FANTASTIC OH MY GOD. I--okay, full interest: I saw Manhunter years ago (shut up, I was going through a William Petersen thing) and I liked it fine; I read the Harris novels, liked 'em more than the movies. But I never really got the Hannibal Lecter thing; I love Anthony Hopkins, and I think he does a really nice job with the character, but he seems sort of...puckish? Like, there's always a really broad wink he's aiming in my direction. (Which is not to say that he can't be creepy, just that that's not where he leads from, to me.) And I really liked Hannibal Rising, which gave me my Gaspar Ulliliel problem - but even that was too broad, because he plays it all menace with a touch of "I love you, Lady Murasaki" that, again, doesn't really work for me?

Apparently I was just missing a Dane, and a metric ton of cannibalism puns that are going to seem really awkward in retrospect; Mikkelsen is - I imprinted on him like a baby duck, okay? And considering we're four actors in on this guy, that is saying something. We know the joke; he knows we know the joke; the fun is that no one else around him knows the joke. Seriously, watch him watch people eat food he's made them; it's like a goddamn aria.)


Will Graham

In another time and place, Will Graham would have been burned as a witch; as it is, people think he's a weirdo who's going to eventually snap and go on a murder spree. Capable of "pure empathy" - meaning he can profile serial killers to the point of Hugh Dancy getting to reenact horrible murders every week, and we won't talk about how sometimes that is sexy as hell - Will works for Jack Crawford, possibly at the cost of his own sanity.

YOU GUYS WILL GRAHAM IS GREAT. He's - you know how fandom likes to take one character in every work and make him or her a tortured soul who needs fixin'? Will Graham is not having that shit. He's driven to do what he does, yeah, but he's not...IDK, a lot of fic I've seen has him basically unable to feed and wash himself, when it's really more like "no, I have social anxiety and a job that has me hunt down monsters by aping their behavior in my head and reporting back on it to my boss, so as a result I feel more comfortable with my dogs and away from people, most of whom are dicks."

He sleeps in a tiny t-shirt and tinier shorts, spends most nights with screaming nightmares, considers himself a father figure to the girl whose dad he killed in the course of an investigation, and is awkwardly trying to form friendships with Hannibal, Beverly, and Alana. Also one time he kind of threatened to kill Freddie Lounds? I LOVE HIM SO MUCH YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW.


Jack Crawford

The head of the BAU - no, really; he's basically Aaron Hotcher's contemporary, and how's that for terrifying - Jack tracks down serial killers with more zeal than is required, in part to deal with his wife's recent bad news (spoiler!) and what happened to Miriam Lass, a trainee under his watch, three years ago (spoiler: you ever see the beginning of Red Dragon?).

I do not love Jack as much? But I love things about him. Like his fondness for human meat (no, seriously) and his penchant for RANDOMLY YELLING THINGS AT INAPPROPRIATE MOMENTS. He once told Zeller - see below - to use another bathroom because he and Will were having a conversation.


Dr. Alana Bloom

A psychiatrist on-staff at the FBI, it's Alana who recommends Jack send Will to Hannibal, as she doesn't want to psychoanalyze him and risk ruining his nascent friendship with her.

I don't have as much of a bead on Alana; she was around a lot for the Hobbs case, and she's popped up a couple times for dinner parties and to try and analyze Abel Gideon, but right now she's mostly in the background - which is a shame, because she is sort of great. Everyone on this show is sort of great! It is a real problem for me.

Also, one time she drank beer made with Jack's trainee (WHOOPS SPOILER).


Beverly Katz

Beverly is one of the three CSIs on the team - specifically, fiber analysis - and sort of the Cordelia, in that she will tell you what she is thinking, and she does not seem particularly sussed about whether or not you'd like her to do that.

OH MY GOD LET'S TALK ABOUT BEVERLY KATZ, OKAY. Beverly is fucking fantastic. She's smart, funny, brash, not afraid to tell you what she's - okay, you know how Tony just gets right up in Bruce's face in The Avengers and isn't polite to him, but in that way that shows that Bruce respects that? That's sort of how Beverly is with Will. Jack treats him like a hunting dog; Alana tends to tiptoe around him a little; Beverly adjusts his shooting stance and pokes him a lot. I am honestly waiting for the day she smacks him on the ass when she leaves a room, AND I DO NOT EVEN MEAN THAT AS A SHIPPING THING. That is just something Beverly would do. There are people who do not like Beverly Katz! I do not know how those people function!

Also one time Will was taking forever to talk down Molly Shannon with a gun to a kid's head, so Beverly cold shot her in the shoulder. BADASS.


Jimmy Price

One of the CSIs - I *think* the coroner, but don't quote me - Jimmy is prone to getting into weird fights with Zeller and making dry jokes about his budding alcoholism. I don't have much of a bead on him yet, but it's Scott Thompson. Scott Thompson is always good.


Brian Zeller

The last CSI on the team, Zeller appears to have worked with Jack for a number of years, possibly longer than Bev or Jimmy; Jack calls him Z, which indicates some level of familiarity outside of work. He also...I don't want to say hates Will? But he gets bitchy with him for reasons I cannot fathom but dearly love.



Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier

Hannibal's therapist. She apparently retired a few years ago, not that that's stopped the good doctor from seeing her; she seems even more reserved than Hannibal, if that's possible, and keeps staring at him narrow-eyed, like she thinks he's up to some shit. Ten bucks says she's dead before the end of the year, but I'm going to miss her when she goes.


Freddie Lounds

A reporter with tattlecrime.com, Freddie Lounds is almost certainly destined to meet a bad end at the hands of Francis Dolarhyde when/if we get to Red Dragon. (WHEN.) Currently she's making Will Graham's life a living hell, up to and including calling him insane to Abigail Hobbs' face and recovering like a champ from watching someone be murdered, like, a foot away from her.

For real, check out that outfit. She has a capelet. She cold walked into Hannibal's office under an assumed name and taped their conversation, and managed to leave alive. I am starting to think she might honestly live through this.


Abigail Hobbs

The daughter of the Minnesota Shrike, also known as Garrett Jacob Hobbs, Abigail survived a murder attempt by her father; the experience has left her with a scar across her neck, and a pair of hilarious father figures in Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham. Will hasn't seen her recently; Hannibal has - to give her mushroom tea and send her tripping balls, possibly as part of a long game to groom a protege.



* It looks like a million bucks. Yet it is not! Take note, NBC. Seriously, it looks like a tiny movie every week for 42 minutes, all gorgeous saturated color palettes and murders that look like paintings.

* It's funny. Granted, it's dark comedy, and literally a third of it is cannibalism puns, but shut up, they make it work.

* It tells a story. Specifically, it tells a long story: the interconnecting arcs of Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham, and how that plays out over seven seasons. We're seven seasons in, and already this show has a fandom that is tearing out its hair and rending its garments.

* When/if (WHEN) we get a season two, Bryan Fuller wants David Bowie to play Hannibal's uncle. SHUT IT DOWN. Also? Lee Pace and David Tennant, the latter as (probably) a serial killer. Lee Pace, back in a Bryan Fuller joint! Come on! How are you denying yourself that?

Tonight's episode - #8, "Fromage" - starts at 10:15, thanks to the Office finale. Do me a favor: watch it. Watch it on iTunes, or Amazon, or Hulu - somewhere it can be counted. The show's in serious danger of being canceled. My stomach hasn't felt like this about a show in a very, very long time.

If anyone wants to add recs or awesome things in the comments, feel free! I'm not trying to pimp in a void, here.
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From: [personal profile] scarimonious

I know he's only been in one episode so far, but Dr Frederick Chilton's worth mentioning because he's going to be very important later. Entree is, essentially, the birth of a hateship between him and Hannibal and I CANNOT FUCKING WAIT.

(Also, just think of how nightmarishly, fabulously awful Chilton/Freddie Lounds would be.)
scarimonious: "This is my design." (Hannibal - Will)

From: [personal profile] scarimonious

I KNOW. The moment Raul Esparza opens his mouth I'm like OH MY GOD and I love just how terrible he is with his grand ambitions and opinions of himself while everyone's kinda like "ew, I think he touched me?" HE'S GOING TO BE INSUFFERABLE WHEN HE'S GOT LECTER AS HIS PRIZED INMATE. AUGHHH *CLAWS AT EVERYTHING*

(OKAY? At least they won't have to change their monogramed towels.)
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From: [personal profile] jjtaylor

OH GOD this show is so good. It is visually spectacular, and unbelievably well acted. Hugh Dancy's jaw clenching. His TREMBLING. All of his scenes with Mads Mikkelsen and his fucking understated EVERYTHING. Laurence Fisburne's spontaneous VOCAL PROJECTION that has somehow become a believable aspect of his character. I love the tension of the show's secret - the secret we know and no one else knows. And the tension of waiting for Will to figure it out, especially. I want all all all of the seasons.
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From: [personal profile] scy

I literally just flailed at my roomie when he got back from sea over this show. ALL. OF. THIS.

There is word that if NBC doesn't hold onto it, Amazon, and maybe others want to pick up Hannibal. And honestly, they would be fools not to - it may not have the insane numbers of something reality-tv based (ahahaha) but it's critically popular, and the fandom is VOCAL on social media. Do a hashtag search on twitter, or check out Tumblr. People love it.

(Kirsten_ish on Twitter)
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From: [personal profile] scy

Oh, I know, and I am in the 'tralalala, ONLY GOOD THINGS, TRALALA' mindset. OR ELSE.

Oh yeah, I am already getting texts from my sister about TVD. CAPSLOCK HAS BEGUN.

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From: [personal profile] scy


Caroline and Klaus, all over the world, for the AGES! SO. EPIC. And maybe Stefan stops by and he and Klaus get some of that UST out of the way, and Caroline makes out with him, and Stefan is less broody! Winning all around!

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From: [personal profile] margrave

Have you seen the newest episode (ep 8) yet?



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From: [personal profile] margrave

I understand. If I lived in the US or Canada I'd be watching it live. As it is I'm watching the Canadian version and watching it when it shows in Aust. We are about 4 eps behind.

OMFG! It was glorious, and as I keep on saying to act the BREAKUP IS GOING TO BE HORRIFYING! I can't wait.
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From: [personal profile] cyprinella

So this show is really great visually, but what really gets me is the use of sound. It's really unusual and really striking and I think totally makes the atmosphere. The sound during the Will and Tobias fight at the string shop? Pure art.


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