In other news, none of you told me about Haven and I feel like this is how firings happen.

Competent ladies who do not let their emotions get the best of them! Small town with a dark secret! Nova Scotia passing for a small New England town! Awkward interpersonal dynamics! My secret Adam Copeland problem from the year-and-a-half I watched WWE in high school! Eric Balfour, who's aging great *and* smuggling things on his boat! Emily Rose and her everything! OH HEY LET ME YELL AT YOU ABOUT LUCAS BRYANT'S FACE FOR A WHILE.

You guys, I watched the season finale without actually watching the show before - except for like half of one episode in S2 - and I started tearing up. THAT IS NEVER A GOOD SIGN, FOR ME.

So, yeah: feel free to pimp me things. Mixes, vids, fic, you name it. Picspams? Point me at 'em. I am catching up on three seasons here and IT IS NOT ALL IN MY FACE IMMEDIATELY WHY IS THAT.


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