In one way, it was...weirdly anticlimactic? Which is sort of nice, because that's literally what every day is like for the Knicks of crime. And in two very specific ways, it was sort of the only thing that could happen.

Slainte, Leverage. I don't know that we'll see your like again. The world doesn't give us nice things all that often.

(I cannot imagine how goddamn horrible it is for fans of both Merlin and Leverage this weekend, JESUS TAP-DANCING CHRIST.)
eatsscissors: (Leverage-bad guys are the best good guys)

From: [personal profile] eatsscissors

By Minute Twenty, I was ugly-crying. I mean, I was eighty percent sure they wouldn't go there, because Leverage is not that show, but jesus fuck. I think we have established that I am incredibly vulnerable to emotion-jerking fake-outs.

But, OH, I am so proud of everyone, especially Parker. (When I go back, watch the pilot again, and realize what a bag of cats she was, to now become the mastermind...) And Sterling, weirdly. "They broke the world, James," was a nice moment from Nate to him. And Eliot calling Hardison his brother. I'm going to stop before I start ugly-crying again for an entirely different reason.


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