Goddammit, Rian Johnson, you're on The List now.

(The List, for those of you who don't know--and you probably don't; I don't mention it all that often--is a list of directors and/or writers whose work I will see regardless of topic or star. It's not a long list; the only names on it, right now, are Vincenzo Natali and Neil Marshall. And now, Rian Johnson, GODDAMMIT.)

If Brick is a Raymond Chandler high school AU, and The Brothers Bloom what happens when Wes Anderson makes Ocean's Eleven, Looper is like a cyborg: crime movie exterior, Blade Runner interior (with a new liver grown from Doctor Who).

It's at least as bittersweet as Johnson's previous efforts; the man doesn't tell stories where you get something for nothing. You realize who killed your ex-girlfriend, but you also learn the secret she was hiding; you trade your brother for the love of your life. Looper is a much more simple question: what would you give up, to save the future? To save your future?

(ALSO: The prosthetics on JGL are not, actually, distracting; you forget them like five minutes in. Everyone does an amazing job, especially JGL and Emily Blunt. The movie looks gorgeous. I would pay good money to find out whether or not Johnson has Bruce Willis Stories. Noah Segan is, as ever, fucking amazing; I am in the tank for that guy full-stop, have been for a while now. It also features an answer to "how do you track down a runner from the future?" in one of the more horrifying scenes I've seen this year.)

Highly recommended.


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