Okay, look. I'm not going to get into the new wolves (waaaaaaay too cocky, for people who've never been in an honest-to-God fight) or no one telling Allison her grandpa fucking kills people and knifed her boyfriend (STUPID ON EVERY LEVEL), or the rock-stupidity of werewolf hunters--who are supposed to protect humans, I would imagine--not being worried about a goddamn lizard monster running around. All of those things are salient points!


I WILL say that at this rate, by the time we hit this year's finale, it's gonna be all-out Argent vs. Werewolf war, and like six people are going to need Stiles' help, and Stiles should not give it.

Seriously. Derek's dying of a wolfbane bullet? Scott pawns him off on Stiles because he has to have an awkward family dinner with the Argents. Peter wants to find out about Scott? He mauls Lydia and kidnaps Stiles to help him. Need to find where Kate and the Alpha are? Mr. Argent tosses Stiles into a wall. (As does Derek. Repeatedly. The more you think about it, the less hot it is.) Stiles tries to find Isaac; Erica fucks up the Jeep, knocks him out, and tosses him in a Dumpster. Stiles tries to find the bestiary and ends up being interrogated by Erica and Derek before treading water with a paralyzed Derek for TWO FUCKING HOURS before Scott--who hung up on him, okay, because: awkward Argent family dinner with Murder Grandpa--finally gets his ass there and gets him and Derek out of the pool.

Not to mention the fact that his continued involvement with werewolves is pretty much gonna get his dad removed as Sheriff if this shit keeps up--you know, his alcoholic dad who still desperately misses Stiles' mom? Also, for real, Mr. Harris is getting to the point where he needs to bitch to the school board, because that guy has a hate boner for him because of last year and is gonna fuck up his chances of being valedictorian. All this, plus he still occasionally suffers from panic attacks because of, you know, DEAD MOM. For fuck's sake, tonight he--with Allison's help--decided to stand down four motherfucking werewolves to save Lydia's life and got his ass kicked for it.

Just. Leave it all behind, kid. You're not in werewolf business; you're not in hunter business. You're neither of those things. What I want most is for you to just--I don't know, find a nice girl (or boy) and live your life. But I don't think you're going to do that.

And I'm really starting to be afraid it's gonna turn out bad for you.


Okay, fine, two things:

School Counselor Emily Bennett (Bianca Lawson!!!) translating the kanima as "just wanting a friend" is maybe the saddest thing I've ever seen on this show, which is saying something.




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