Dear Internet, why are you not watching Leverage? Especially this week, when they take the piss out of The Office?

* I like that at this point, the guest cast for this show is basically 1/3 "people Tim Hutton knows and/or has worked with before."

Also, I'm pretty sure Peter Stormare (!!!) was just doing what Hutton does periodically and imitating a director who pissed him off.

* ELIOT SPENCER, NEVER CHANGE. I just--that was like a two day fight about a SANDWICH. Granted, an awesome-sounding one, but still: BAGEL FIGHT. Families fight over the dumbest shit, you guys.


* You have never in your life seen people this incredibly fucking awkward at trying to act "normal". Oh, man, this is golden, right here.

* Oh, man, Eliot and Hardison getting over the sandwich just long enough to both get furious at the camera guys? "HEY! BRING YOUR ASS!" Making Stormare the Third Musketeer!

* Sophie and Nate's "talks" to the talking heads are funny and incredibly painful. She's not wrong; he is fucking terrible at personal relationships, and odds are really good he will never, ever get better. On the other hand, that's what she signed up for. S1 Sophie would've tried to change him; S2 Sophie tried to change herself. Now it's just--it's who they are. And it's sad, and lovely, and UGH GINA BELLMAN AND TIM HUTTON FOR ALL THE THINGS, YOU GUYS.

* Parker writes greeting cards. PARKER WRITES GREETING CARDS. A high school graduation ends in a dinosaur bloodbath! Get well soon--or not! It's not up to you! THANK YOU WITH A TOE TAG. I WOULD BUY THOSE CARDS.

* Show of hands: is anyone surprised that the weird artistic German filmmaker is in love with Parker? No? No one? Just checking.

* I didn't think you could beat regular team meetings; apparently you can, if they're in awful code. Fragile-ent! Fake cards that you can pass for money.

* Nate, I love you, but you are a grown-ass man and presumably you live near stores. You can get your own milk.


--actually, no, you know what? If someone finds an icon post with a free Nate Ford "fuck this" to be shared, pls point me to it, because I'm pretty sure that whole screencap is my spirit animal.

* "That is a lie! I *love* foreplay!" Aaaaaaaand now I have a new start-up sound.

* "Don't tell anyone I got beat up by an efficient expert."

* "Are you with the Mob? I wouldn't be surprised if you were with the Mob." No, but considering he had his own dad driven away from AMERICA because HE WAS FEELING TETCHY, you might want to walk softly.

* Only in Crime World can a grown-ass man cry over a football-themed greeting card.
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