This one's gonna be brief.

1) I still don't think Faye can act worth a shit, though she is increasing in wee tiny increments, but I would pay good money for a threesome with her, Cassie, and Charles. Seriously, I would respect this show so much if they just went "fuck it, let's go evil" and went off to join Black John/the banana demons/whothefuckever. Bring Faye's mom.

2) Compared to TVD--even compared to the books--this show is still disappointing all to hell.

3) our bad guys are apparently demons that crawl in your ear via banana slugs like it's The Wrath of Khan ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? I just.

Demon banana slugs. Blonde witch heroine named Cassie. Creepy guy with all of the available eyeliner.

Congratulations, The Secret Circle. You are officially HEX.
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