1) The more I hear that single-child-noodling that makes up the title card music, the more irritating it is. (The birds are fine, though.)

2) Two of the creepier parts of Cassie's Book of Shadows (BoS): the diagram of the human ribcage and the old-timey picture of a man and a woman where the man's eyes have been cut out. Gaaaaah.

3) Nick and Melissa are sleeping together! This would be more shocking if A) I didn't know Nick and Cassie briefly have a thing and B) I knew who the actual fuck Melissa was. Granted, this is episode 2, but it has the emotional significance of me realizing that "oh, those two people are fucking".

4) "I'm gonna brag about you?" Way to be a fuckface, Nick, Jesus Christ.

5) It is really weird to see Adam Conant having a job.

6) Okay, look, I'm from a small town in Florida. (The Florida Keys originally, actually.) And while we had a town council, it wasn't this huge thing. It was more like, "Oh, grifting! Great. Let's see which family member so-and-so kicks the waste disposal contract over to this year." There wasn't any conspiracy to hide vampires or secret witch cabals. SADLY.

7) Generational witches! Yes, this and Gale Harold are currently my favorite parts of the show.

8) Sally's kind of a dink, but I like her. I'm all for Cassie having friends who aren't witches. I'm all for everyone having non-witch friends, actually, but I'm pretty sure everyone but Cassie is awful at it.

9) Extra awesome: Cassie continuing to be like "oh my God can I just talk about anything other than witchcraft FOR TEN GODDAMN SECONDS? Seriously, I have to get to chem."

10) Dead in The Incident in 1995: Cassie and Faye's dads; Melissa's, Adam's, and Diana's moms; both of Nick's parents. JUST IN CASE THIS IS IMPORTANT LATER.

11) "It's like I'm living in a Harry Potter movie."
"He has a wand."

--okay, that wasn't bad.

12) Sooooo the elders stripped everyone who survived in 1995 of their power, except Charles apparently still has his.

13) Faye: Slightly better this week in terms of acting, still don't like her. And not in the way where I don't like book!Faye, either.

14) Instead of Zach's vervain grow room, we have the Circle Meth Lab. Okay, not bad.

15) It's not Britt Robertson's fault; it's not even really Thomas Dekker's, but they really are not making me believe in Adam/Cassie as an endgame. I tend to spend more time wondering when Dekker turned into Jared Leto 2.0. (SERIOUSLY. It's the eyeliner.)

16) Dear Chance Harbor: STOP HAVING EVENTS OUTDOORS. Really, just stop having events. I'd say "learn from Mystic Falls", but three seasons in those people cannot stop having goddamn masquerade balls and woodland keggers.

17) The show's also missing one of my favorite things: the pervasive sense from the town at large that the Circle (and their families) are all total freaks who run things, and that every twenty seconds there could be civil war. This...this is still making me think "this town is a dilapidated crab shack that Gordon Ramsey is going to help renovate."

18) Since when are Nick and Faye friendly? The fuck?

19) Yes, Henry! It's almost as if someone murdered Cassie's mom to make her move back to town to be with her grandma and restart the Circle OH WAIT.

20) Dawn and Charles don't have any power themselves; they have power stored in some kind of crystal that they use, like a battery.

21) ...is it weird that I kind of want Cassie to team up with Dawn and Charles and rule the world? That's wrong, right? That's not the impression I'm supposed to be getting?

22) The show is basically telling us that Adam and Cassie are just Ethan and Amelia revisited: destiny working through them, not for their own sake. Congratulations, guys: you just convinced me I totally shouldn't ship them.

23) That said, I think I'm currently pulling for Cassie/Charles, just because they're the two characters on this show I actually like at this point.

24) Diana, I like you, but you are being pushy as all hell re: binding the goddamn Circle.

25) I do appreciate Faye is totally being a bitch about Adam and Cassie to Diana. Worst. Cousin. Ever. (Sadly, I think we're just going with "six families" and not cousins.)

26) So Melissa's into Nick, who's into Faye; and Cassie's into Adam, who's dating Diana.

27) As in the books, I could totally see Faye/Cassie hatesex without any real difficulty. I could probably make a decent case for Faye/Charles/Cassie, if you ignore that Faye still can't really act.

28) So Faye, in a fit of pique, shoves Sally off a pier and puts her IN THE FUCKING HOSPITAL, and then looks sad. Bitch, please. Faye Chamberlain would shove her off a pier and make her break her arm and yawn.

29) I'm just saying, this show is gonna learn really fast that you have to pull a Damon and find a reason for Charles and Dawn to stop killing people before the body count gets so pervasively high people notice shit is going wrong. (TVD at least has an excuse, what with "mountain lions" killing people and Sheriff Liz hiding piles of dead people.)

30) God help me, not-a-great actress or not, I was right there with Faye on "but I like feeling this way." She doesn't want to be normal; Cassie does, but not Faye. Faye just wants to burn.

31) "Because I'm insecure"? WHAT? Are you shitting m--okay, look: the great thing about Diana is that while she's a normal teenage girl, full of problems and worries and insecurities, that's not the strongest part of her. She's patient and kind and peaceful. She's--she's better than human, almost, while this one is a really nice teenage girl. I just--eh.

32) That...was a really anti-climactic Circle binding, I tell you what. I know what they're going for, and it's necessary; and I like the idea that the Circle makes them stronger when they work together but weaker when they work alone. But just--you need to do certain things in LJ Smith adaptations with pomp and circumstance, and this did not have that even remotely.


34) I'm calling it now, re: Henry's "you know what can be unleashed if they bind together": the Circle could somehow be used to free Black John. SERIOUSLY SOMEONE MAKE THAT HAPPEN.

Next week: A stranger comes to town, prompting Dawn to have Charles keep an eye on him while Our Heroes deal with the ultimate threat: a high school dance. "Loner", next Thursday.
threerings: (legomyvangogh)

From: [personal profile] threerings

I'm with you on a lot of this. I don't have much motivation to keep watching, other than there's a slim possibility they could somehow make this work at some point in the future. There's a lot of bad acting going on. I so WANT to like Faye, but that actress only has one facial expression.

I also yelled at the screen that school fairs were NEVER A GOOD IDEA and they should have learned this from TVD.

Also, the bad guys apparently only have power when holding the Lamest Crystal Ever. And my husband was the one yelling at the screen over the Metal and Blood thing. REALLY? Ok, in Feng Shui Metal and Wood are elements, so I was expecting them to go with that, but then they said Blood and I'm like, O.o.


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