Come on. You do not destroy Nate Ford by building him up before you take him down. No, no. You need to take him out with a sniper rifle from, like, two miles away and three buildings over, like it's the end of Wanted, because otherwise that motherfucker will see it coming and dodge it.

Dear Jim Sterling: you are no longer Evil Nate. You have been dethroned, sir. You had better come back--say, around the mid-season finale--and fix that.

You guys! It is really weird seeing Nate being a person! He is having lunch with Sophie and an old friend, and there are anecdotes, and it--I don't know. Don't get me wrong, Nate Motherfucking Ford is still my favorite, but watching him act like a normal person is a nice palate cleanser. You know, like sorbet. Sorbet where Nate laughs and awkwardly tries to impress Sophie by telling her about scams he ran as a kid. (Nate, for real: she already likes you.)

(Though what is up with Nate's hair this year. T. Hutt, did you piss off the hair department like you periodically do the lighting guys? YOU APOLOGIZE IMMEDIATELY.)

Hardison/Eliot/Parker discussing Yodas: BEST THING EVER. "I kind of liked CGI Yoda." [horrified squeak] "Just tell him what he wants to hear."

What's more awesome than a State's Attorney admitting that Nate sort of runs the white collar division of Crime World Boston? Not a lot. (Except possibly Parker consistently calling Nate out on being drunk, and Nate just looking bemused. YOU GUYS, THEIR RELATIONSHIP IS SO WEIRD.)

Oh, Rockwell. I...have to admire your committment to just not paying attention to a single motherfucking thing that goes on around you, but you work in Crime World. Even worse, you work in Crime World Boston (or CWB), where Nate Ford lives, and you are going after Nate Ford's childhood friend. That was not your best decision ever.

"Who the hell shops here? It's a three-dollar banana." Eliot Spencer, quit making me agree with you. "Do you want coffee, sir?" "I don't think so."

Nate and Parker just wincing at Alec Hardison, World's Worst Robber = DELIGHTFUL.

"I didn't even stab him!" "We proud of you. No-stabbing Wednesdays. New tradition." I am stealing that. Just remember, everyone: Don't Stab Anyone on Wednesdays.

I am basically going to assume Henry K. Gillis is Jimmy Poppadokalis' second cousin. His hot second cousin. With an earring.

Also, people seem to forget this pretty easily because he's usually playing The Asshole, but Nate is not good at grifting in the traditional sense, but he's good at two things: The Asshole Who Distracts You, and The Guy Who Can Convince The Devil He Needs to Build Some Heaters. Seriously. When Nate is on his game, he is fucking on. He is actually kind of scary when he busts that shit out. He just doesn't do it all that often.

The fact that Nate is...basically pulling a season 2 while still drinking and having stuff to lose? Is EXTREMELY WORRYING. The last time he did shit like this, he ended up in jail. This time--this time, I don't think it's going to end as well. And it almost feels like he's doing it on purpose, and I don't know why.

(I do sort of love that Sophie and Eliot roll up on that woman's house, stop the guy trying to bribe her, and promise to make things right without explaining anything or saying who they are: like avenging angels. Which is basically what they are. There's more than one archangel, after all.)

PARDISON. Write it down, use it often. Alternate with Pretzels.

"Eliot, why don't you take the rest of the job off?" NATHAN FORD ARE YOU KIDDING ME. I love you more than is legally feasible, but there is shit you do not do, and one of those things--the biggest one--is taking away your system of checks and balances, and your system of checks and balances IS ELIOT FREAKING SPENCER.

--also, now Nate talking to Rockwell is making me worry that at some point, that's gonna be how they catch him out. Dear Hardison: sweep for bugs a lot more often. Helloooooo, Season 4 Arc Villain.

(Yes, I squeaked at the Sophie/Nate kiss. "Maybe I'm both." "I'm just not sure which one I want to win."
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