So, uh, next year Misha Collins isn't going to be a regular on SPN. He'll probably be recurring, but. Yeah.

Make of that what you will.
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I heard about this yesterday after watching the season finale, which is actually pretty good timing because post-finale my first thought was, "Well, you can't keep him on the show anymore!" Then I discovered the news and kind of went slightly insane for a bit. However, then I realised that Jim is not a series regular either, but Bobby is practically in every episode, and thus the breathing became slightly easier.

From a complete character/plot pov, there just isn't a way to keep an all powerful GOD character on the show about humans. Though I'm interested in how they are going to exit Castiel out of the show. Remove his powers, or make him a proper 'God-like' figure.

In the meantime I admit I'm found Sam's overall arc so much more interesting this season than Castiel and Dean's, and the open of 6x22 had me completely engaged.


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