"When you take the zombies away, what my character does in the pilot, she's just a bitch." - Sarah Wayne Callies

Okay, a couple things:

1) NO YOU'RE NOT. ...okay, you kind of are, BUT STILL. (She's playing Lori, for those of you familiar with the comic.)

2) --seriously, I hope that hair in all the promo pictures is just awkwardly shopped because that's like the weeks Kat Graham's hairstylist saddles her with the bad wigs. No no no. HOT AWESOME LADIES WHO FIGHT EVIL SHOULD NOT HAVE BAD HAIR, GODDAMMIT.

The Walking Dead starts Oct. 31, Halloween night, on AMC. Y'all should watch it.

(It also features a man riding a horse down Main Street, Norman Reedus, and a metric fuckton of zombies, if any of those are Things You Like.)


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