So this is one of those weeks – and if you’ve been watching this show since the beginning, you know this happens sometimes – where a lot happens, but it’s less of a WHAM! episode. Which is fine. Everyone needs breathers.

1) Look: at this point, you need to take Everyone Who Knows – ATM: Damon, Stefan, Elena, Bonnie, Alaric and Jeremy – and make a phone tree. You guys, I’m pretty sure Alaric didn’t know Damon killed Jeremy. I’m starting to wonder if anyone told him Caroline’s a vampire now. You know what’s great, you guys? FULL KNOWLEDGE. Jesus.

2) Who doesn’t love that Damon’s metaphor – Mason’s Lon Chaney, Tyler’s Lon Chaney Jr., he’s Bela Lugosi – involves old 20s and 30s Universal monster movies? He is old, you guys! I bet he’d be bored by the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. (To be fair, I suspect he’d be really bored by Hostel. “Did it. Did WORSE.”)

3) Oh, Mrs. Lockwood. “What freaky underground cellar? NO ONE IN THIS FAMILY IS A WEREWOLF, YOUNG MAN.”

4) Bonnie, honey, I love you, but no one needs you to be racist against vampires. Don’t get me wrong, I get it, but you still maybe need to work on that. (That said, if she wants to keep giving Damon the occasional ration of shit, I could live with that.)

5) A witch can despell the lapis lazuli ring she spells to protect a vampire against the sun. Which sort of explains why Katherine probably set Emily up to be burned alive, anyway. (I’d pay real money for a better timeline on that part.)

6) “You’re gonna have to prove you’re still the Caroline I remember.” Bonnie! We just talked about this! Yeah, she’s still Caroline, but she’s just – more Caroline. She just, you know. Has a worse temper and new dietary restrictions.

7) I love that Elena is evil enough to make out with Stefan directly in front of Damon just to wound him.

8) ALARIC! I missed you so much, Professor Saltzman! So did your boyfriend—sorry, “friend”. (Yes, it is sort of funny that even when discussing snapping Jeremy’s neck, Alaric looks more irritated at Damon than anything else. Remember, the first real conversation they ever had, Damon staked him through the chest. This Is Not His Surprised Face, okay?)

9) Points to Jenna for being like, “Uh, no, Guy With Missing Wife, you need to work out your issues before you start promising me shit and disappointing me. Fuck that noise, I am a grown-ass lady.” Points to Alaric for realizing he’s worked through pretty much all of his Isobel-related issues and KISSING HER FACE OFF.

10) Caroline: I just want to make sure it worked.
Bonnie: [rips open curtains; Caroline jerks back, yelling] It worked.

--okay, come on, that was great.

11) You guys, I like Vanessa! She’s smart enough to have a crossbow around in case vampires are real, yet she refrained from taunting Damon about the whole thing. She did not die; this pleases me. (Frankly, the fact that Damon didn’t kill me is astonishing.)

12) Vanessa: ...can he really hear us?
Damon: [stage-whispers] No! That would be creepy!


13) Caroline is not, in fact, a good vampire; good vampires shut off their emotions and become killing machines. Caroline snerks about having to eat bunnies and is horrified she’s going to be an “insecure, neurotic control freak on crack”. Caroline is, in fact, more Caroline than she used to be, which makes Stefan have delighted facial expressions. Caroline is SO GODDAMN AWESOME.

14) I do find it interesting that Caroline whammies people as naturally as she used to breathe. You’d think she’d have more of a problem with that, considering how many times it’s been done to her.

15) Aaaaaaaaaaand then Caroline, horrified about attacking Matt, breaks up with him for his own safety, then sits down and starts sobbing in the Grille. You guys, I love her so much. She did what Stefan couldn’t do! Please don’t die anytime soon, Forbes, I can’t wait to see who you’ll be.

16) Oh my God, hold on, it’s time for Vampire Diaries Makes Shit Up: apparently, 600 years ago, Aztec shamans – plagued by werewolves and vampires, as happened back in the day – cursed them: vampires would only hunt at night, and werewolves would change shape at the full moon. They naturally hate each other, so vampires hunted werewolves near to extinction – which is good for them, since a werewolf’s bite can kill a vampire, and they’re hardwired to destroy them.

Several things:

a) Aztec shamans are the ones who we can thank for vampires being killed by sunlight? Seriously?

b) guys saw Eclipse over the summer, I take it.

17) One of my favorite things about this show is that once we learn a piece of information – the Aztec infodump, for example – and Person A tells Person B about it, we don’t see them do it. They realize we can remember things between acts. They remember we’re not idiots! I love that.

18) Katherine Pierce’s real name is Katharina Petrova. In the books, it was Katherine von Swartzchild. This is possibly because Nina Dobrev is originally from the Ukraine. Also, does this mean Katherine’s gonna speak Russian? AWESOME.

19) If Tyler orders Mason Wolf off in a strong tone of voice – that means Tyler’s alpha, right? Because there’s two vampires right there, and vampires are like murder crack to werewolves.

20) My screen tends to show pretty dark; Mason’s werewolf form is just a big-ass wolf, right? Not Twilight-big, but still. Either way, it’s still better than Cursed, which – don’t get me wrong, I like the movie, but that CGI is just terrible.

21) For the record, Damon did not know Jeremy had the Gilbert ring when he killed him.

22) Here is my main problem with Damon: the only person he’s ever apologized to is Elena. He apologized for snapping Jeremy’s neck – to Elena. He’s never apologized for ripping out Bonnie’s throat. The Alaric thing I almost get, because Alaric then punched him and now they’re beffies, but he still never thinks about apologizing for shit. Damon! You cannot expect to get by strictly on charm and looks WHEN YOU STILL REGULARLY COMMIT MURDER, especially when YOU JUST EXPECT A HANDWAVE FOR IT. I’d appreciate it if you meant it when you apologize, but I’d settle for a fucking apology in the first place.

23) No, I don’t feel particularly bad about Elena using Damon to find out about Katherine. Damon uses people all the time. He’s pushing for Elena to admit they’re still friends, despite murdering her brother like four days ago. Dude, for real? Have you never heard of giving someone space? Better yet, have you tried it?

24) Aaaaaaaaand then Caroline wakes up to find Katherine in her bedroom: “We’re going to have a lot of fun together.” OH MY GOD CAROLINE THAT GIRL IS NOT YOUR BEFFY DESPITE A STARTLING RESEMBLANCE. JUST SAY NO.
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From: [personal profile] eatsscissors

Caroline gives me glee. She is fast-tracking it into being my favorite character this season. (And...her closest competition is Stefan What is this world and how did I wind up in it, I don't even know.)

I still like Bonnie and Damon, but I am in a place of wanting to shake them very hard until they rattle, and with Bonnie at the very least that's a new feeling. I don't know if it's a deliberate writing/directing choice or just that Graham needs to step it up a bit, but Bonnie was also very, very robotic this week, and...yeah, as soon as you can be in the same room as Damon without needing to set him on fire, ask him about how well the "dead shark eyes followed by fits of rage" tango has worked out for him so far. She even manages to be cordial with Stefan! Who has deliberately killed people before! Caroline is manslaughter and assault at this point. As far as this show goes, that's practically perfect.

Erm, yeah, on Damon. Great, you have human emotions, I am happy for you. Living life as someone more emotionally and ethically complicated than a very strong five year-old, however, means that there are consequences to your actions. If not physical consequences, 'cause Bonnie's in a weird place right now and not holding up to her supernatural sheriff obligations at all, then at the very least emotional ones in your favorite toys refusing to play with you any longer. And he just--you can tell when Damon's feeling guilty, because he goes into full-on "I'm not touching you!" mode so that he can gauge the reaction that he gets and adjust accordingly, when, dude. I pulled that shit when I thought that my mom was mad at me while I was going through puberty. You are one hundred and fifty years too old, good sir.

Yeah, Elena getting some Il Principe on? I don't blame her in the slightest. Bad shit is going down, she's just now coming to grips with the fact that her life as Jane Normal is officially done and that they might well be at war with Katherine before this is over, and she's had a practical streak since the pilot. She gets shit done; the difference is that she gets it done for Great Justice and not just to see all the different directions the marbles will fly in like Katherine did/does.

I'm all "Nooooo!" at Caroline and Katherine, but I'm wondering what Katherine is really going to be able to offer her. Honestly? As much as Matt is her "deepest connection to humanity", she still has her mom. She still has Elena. She and Stefan are kinda adorable together, and if anyone knows how to resist Katherine's tricksy wiles of evil, it's him. She's not thrilled about the being a vampire thing, so what the hell does Katherine plan to use?
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From: [personal profile] scy


Caroline is adorable. And her and Stefan hanging out and giving each other a hard time? Is ALSO adorable. <3s.

Given Stefan's explanation of how being a vampire just amps up aspects of your personality - that means that Stefan REALLY would have been a pretty good doctor - except for the hating the sight of blood issue.

Then Damon had a tendency to be loyal, manipulative, and emotionally crippled? Mmkay, yeah, I can see it.
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From: [personal profile] eisen

I loved Bonnie this ep (I am glad someone on this show is willing to be a hardass about the no-killing rule and also the "I didn't mean it!" "Doesn't matter." exchange may be one of my favorite exchanges this season, right up there with the bunny rant), but other than that: A THOUSAND TIMES YES TO THIS POST.

Caroline is my faaaavorite. (Well, uh, obviously.) I love that she and Stefan are like, friends now. Vampire friends. And she makes fun of his FACE and gets him to be adorably self-deprecating and Stefan actually trusts her and he's just like FINALLY A FRAND and she's all OH GOD THIS IS SO WEIRD and I love it so much.

This doesn't stop me freaking about Katherine in Caroline's house, which: hi, I wish we'd gotten the scene where Liz Forbes invited her in, and am I wrong for suspecting that Sheriff Forbes is likely not long for this world now? ALSO GODDAMMIT I DON'T WANT TO 'SHIP HER AND CAROLINE but that last scene, I'm 'shipping it by reflex and in self-defense, yay.

I still cannot deal with the hilariterrible werewolf mythology, so I'mma leave that alone for now, but I will laugh so hard if Tyler turns out to be the alpha.
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From: [personal profile] later_tuesday

Hi! I friended you, hope thats okay. I just love your VD reviews.

I can't believe Tyler took an African American girl to the slave quarters to make out. Not too smooth Romeo.

I like Vanessa, although my shipper heart wants Alaric/Jenna. And Vanessa seems to be trying to start something with the hot teacher man.

I am inspired by your phone tree idea. I really want to write a fic about it. I have no fic writing powers, but damn if there isn't a story in there. You know Damon will be angry he's at the bottom of the tree and will nag Stefan until he gets to be closer to the top only to refuse to do something as lame as a phone tree!


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