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Pearl puts out Damon’s eyes (there goes the neighborhood)

It’s hard to put one over on Damon Salvatore – unless you’re Pearl, who’d been trapped under the town since 1864 and was 400 years older than him to start with. When she asked for Damon’s help in repatriating the rest of the tomb vampires, Damon – who’s not dumb enough to want to upset the applecart – refused.

So Pearl, being a vampire, did what made perfect sense to her: gouged out his eyes and told him he was going to help her, or she’d do worse. Damon, not being entirely stupid, agreed.

Then he went to the bar to get shitfaced while his eyes regrew, but again, that’s like a Wednesday around here.

Emily breaks her necklace (history repeating)

Back in 1864, Emily Bennett made a deal with Damon Salvatore: you save my kids and ensure that my family line survives ‘til 2009, and I’ll tell you how to get your girlfriend out of the bubble in time I’ve preserved her in. Totally reasonable plan – except A) Katherine was never buried in the tomb, and B) Emily had no intention of ever freeing any of the vampires. Fuck that, she wasn’t dumb.

Being dead, however, she had limited resources. So she did the only thing she could: possessed her descendant, Bonnie, and jumpstarted her magical powers to destroy the necklace once and for all, while Damon looked horrified and screamed for her to stop.

In her defense, she did look legitimately sorry about upsetting him. That’s still no excuse for Damon trying to rip out Bonnie’s trachea, though.

Stefan Salvatore, secret badass (fool me once)

No, Stefan isn’t as powerful as vampires who drink human blood; he’s not great at screwing with someone’s head, and altering memories is sort of out of his wheelhouse. But that’s okay; when he gets mocked by a baby vamp for being a non-human-blood-drinking pussy, he does what any self-respecting vegan would do: lights him up with a homemade flamethrower.

Remember, guys: work smarter, not harder.

Grams shuts Damon *down* (children of the damned)

We knew Emily was awesome; we knew Bonnie had potential. What cemented that was Sheila, Bonnie's grandma--lovingly known as Grams--the Occult professor at the local knowledge. (No, I know, just go with it. We do.) Sheila once staged a sit-in during the 60s at the local college, alongside a remarkably-age-free Stefan. But that's not why she's awesome. (I mean, not the only reason.)

No, Grams is here because she lets Damon intimidate her for approximately ten seconds before going Scanners on his ass and hunching him over with screaming head pain, then kicking him off her lawn. You do not have the best luck with Bennett ladies, Salvatore. Maybe keep that in mind this year.

Caroline’s speech to Matt (fool me once)

No one could ever accuse Caroline Forbes of tact. She really does mean well; she just tends to do things like disbelieve in witchcraft and be reeeeeally easy for vampires to hypnotize. (Normally, "vampires" = "Damon", but most of them do it at one point or another, except maybe Stefan.) She's a lot like Cordelia Chase: a thought enters her head and she says it. Even when she maybe shouldn't.

So it says something when, finding herself having feelings for her "buddy" Matt (who, let us remember, is Elena's ex-boyfriend), she corners him and tells him the truth the only way she knows how: she blurts out things she shouldn't, she has a bad track record with guys being jerks, and it'll probably blow up on their faces, like, three weeks in--but that's no reason not to try, right? And it's not, despite Matt being a thoughtless jerk (like teenage boys are) and Caroline being nervy about the whole relationship. They're still going strong going into S2; we can only hope they stay that way.

Damon apologizes to Bonnie (founders’ day)

In the months they’d known each other, Damon had mocked, harassed, and irritated Bonnie, when he wasn’t threatening her life or, you know, ripping out her trachea. (In his defense, he was aiming for Emily on that one.) So you know something’s up when he looked her square in the eye and thanked her for saving his life and apologized for how he’d been treating her.

Not that that forgives any of it, and it sort of loses points because he mostly did it because she’s Elena’s best friend, and he’s in love with Elena. But it probably saved his ass from getting lit on fire, so every little bit helps.

Katherine is alive, and she doesn’t give a shit (fool me once)

We all suspected it, mostly because Katherine seemed like a bitch on her best day. But we got confirmation when Damon confronted Anna and a newly-released Pearl – Katherine wasn’t buried in the tomb in 1864, and has, in fact, been free since then; and she knows Damon is alive and trying to save her, and she doesn’t care. One can only hope Damon remembers what he was feeling – hard not to, it was all over his face – and doesn’t go back to her now that she’s back in town.

I mean, it’s doubtful, because there’s no drama and God forbid Katherine not have someone to use as an errand boy, but a girl can hope.

“I know what I am, now.” (founders’ day)

It’s hard out here for a witch: the only person who could’ve trained Bonnie is dead, and she has people mocking her and generally disbelieving in her abilities, including herself. But she found the courage – and more importantly, the strength – to use her baby witch powers to hold off a burning building long enough for Stefan and Damon to escape. Which is apparently some kind of rite of passage, for witches, because then she found Stefan and flat-out told him that if Damon doesn’t cut the shit, she’ll kill him – and Stefan, too, if he gets in her way.

And she can do it, too. She knows her worth.

Elena slaps Damon (friday night bites)

Is there anything prettier than trying to whammy the physical doppelganger of your murderous vampire ex-girlfriend into making out with you (at least in part to piss off your brother, her boyfriend), only to get smacked in the face because she’s wearing vervain and you’re being an asshole? Not a lot.

Founders’ Day(founders’ day)

The 145th celebration of the founding of Mystic Falls was supposed to be boring, if entertaining: the usual parade, the Miss Mystic Falls pageant, about sixteen dinner parties that mostly consisted of salad and an open bar.

2010 was different. Most everyone saw guys dressed like the Men In Black running around and rounding up the occasional people – mostly strangers – who’d collapsed halfway through the night. Mayor Lockwood was tragically killed when a fire broke out, and his son was involved in a car wreck that put Sheriff Forbes’ daughter in the hospital, but it was otherwise uneventful.

It’s probably for the best they don’t know what they missed.

Stefan gets rescued (Damon/Elena/Alaric)(let the right one in)

The Salvatore brothers are extraordinarily messed up. You start with "dating/boning the same sire" and go from there. Damon, for example, hates that Katherine also made Stefan, because she had him pretty thoroughly convinced forever was gonna be a two-person deal, not three. (Stefan's issues make slightly more sense: every time Damon shows up, people die and his life gets ruined.)

That said, no one's gonna kidnap Damon's little brother and torture him in the woods in what seems to be a vaguely homoerotic fashion, okay? That's his job.

Damon escapes from the basement (you’re undead to me)

Stefan is understandably pissed about Damon returning to town, mostly because in the course of 10 days, he manages to kill something like six people and whammy Caroline. (Keep in mind: when I tell you the Lexi thing? That was after this.) Most people would confront Damon directly, or, realistically, bitch about him to his friends and not really do anything. Stefan spikes Caroline's drink with vervain so it'll mickey Damon when he bites her, then locks him in a room in the basement and says he'll leave him there 'til he dries out, basically – by which I mean “mummifies”, at which point he'll lock him in the family crypt for 50 or so years "'til he can learn to behave himself". (Because at least on the TV show, Stefan Salvatore does not fuck around.)

You might think this would stop Damon. This is because you have never met Damon.

No. Damon uses the last gasp of his mental powers to reach out across town to whammy Caroline into coming over so he can 1) use her to let him out of his cell and 2) eat her, because if there's one thing Damon is surprisingly good at, it's time management. It doesn't work - Caroline remains uneaten, though Damon's bird isn't as lucky, and his “uncle” Zach has a snapped neck – but it proves one thing beyond a shadow of a doubt: do not fuck with Damon Salvatore.

Damon kills Mr. Tanner (friday night bites)

--and one time, Damon flat-out killed a guy because Stefan said he thought Damon still had human emotions. Not that anyone ever liked Mr. Tanner, but still: dick move, dude.

Damon kills Lexi (164 candles)

When you're over 150 years old, it's sort of hard to find contemporaries, let alone ones you want to spend your birthday with. There's also the fact that most vampires turn out to be emotionless, murderous bastards who see humans like hamburgers you can fuck beforehand. (No, really. It's as classy as you'd think.) So the fact that Stefan's friend Lexi shows up in town to spend his 164th with him is kind of great, not leastways because their previous celebrations of Stefan's birth have involved whammying Bon Jovi and skinnydipping in the Trevi Fountain. Also, she's funny and smart, and threatened Damon's life. You'd be surprised how far that goes even with people who like him.

So, of course, Damon kills her to prove that he has, in fact, gotten rid of the vampire stalking Mystic Falls in order to ingratiate himself with the Town Council. It's horrifying but unsurprising, because Damon Salvatore's main concern will always be Damon Salvatore.

The duende (miss mystic falls)

I am something like the last person to ship Damon/Elena; maybe, maybe in the books, where Elena starts off as a bitchy ice princess, but TV!Elena is waaaaaaay too nice. (This is why I prefer TV!Elena, for the record.) It's hard to sell the whole "queen of darkness" thing when half your pairing legitimately reads as seeing the other half as her future brother-in-law. Just, you know, a murderous one.

Not here, though. Maybe it’s the music; maybe it’s the lighting; maybe it’s Ian Somerhalder rocking a suit and Nina Dobrev in a silky electric blue gown, slow-dancing and just staring at each other. But you can’t dismiss the chemistry between them in that moment, or ask yourself what might be if Damon was even a little different.
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From: [personal profile] scy



Seriously. SO. AWESOME.

Or, how about when Pearl stabbed an uppity vampire with a SPOON. *GRINS*

Or when Bonnie showed Elena she had magical powers.


Damon and Elena's roadtrip? *is still bitter about Bree*

What I love about the duende is not just that they both look pretty, but yes, the chemistry, and the way it's played - also Damon looking like he's figured out what dance they're doing by glancing sideways and then doing it perfectly.



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