Trinity Blood fic! Because this is what happens when I catch up on the last three weeks’ worth of Cartoon Network Saturday nights: fic.

the lost girl
by Gale

SUMMARY: She's not a ghost. She's something worse. [Contains spoilers for Episode 7, "Never Land"]

In the beginning, Professor Barrie was okay. Not great, not terrible, just okay. He made sure they had enough to eat, and clean clothes, but he made them take all kinds of funny tests and didn't spend a lot of time talking to them. It's still loads better than the orphanage, though, and he doesn't try to do anything.

You take what you can get, in this life. That's the one thing Wendy's ever learned that's worth a damn.


There are a lot of kids here, besides her. There's Sun, who has jet-black hair and pale skin, and Slim, who's built like a beach ball; Thomas, who always wears suspenders, and Mindy, who doesn't talk. Wendy knows all of them, the way they all know her.

Her best friend is a boy named Peter. Peter always takes care of her, gives her his jacket when she gets cold. He gets her cookies after Professor Barrie gives her blood, and he tells her stories to distract her from the pain after she comes back from the lab. Wendy loves Peter.

"I'll protect you," Peter always tells her, even though he has to know by now that it's a lie. He can't protect himself from Professor Barrie, so how is he supposed to protect her?


And then, one night, in the lab, Wendy screams; and Professor Barrie's voice is saying, "Come on, there's a good girl" in her ear like he means it, like he cares, when she knows he doesn't. He lies, he always lies, and he'll keep hurting her unless she stops him--

So all she can do is stop him.

The restraints on her wrists snap so, so easy.

"It's all right, Professor," she says, smiling, but there's something sharp in her mouth, cutting open her lips. It must be scary, from the way Professor Barrie's looking at her, like she's a ghost.

She's not a ghost. She's something worse.

"It's all right," Wendy says, and goes to him.


Looking back on it later, she probably could have done it much faster. But it wouldn't have been half as much fun.


It all makes sense, now. Wendy's had time to figure it out; not much else to do, picking over the professor's cooling body. She's not even that hungry anymore, although she knows, deep down, that it won't last. She'll be hungry again in a few hours. Luckily, the doctor has plenty of blood put aside, so they won't starve.

She can feel the others in the back of her head -- Thomas, Mindy, Jerome, all of them. Everyone but Peter. She knows he's defective, but he's always loved her. He's always done his best to take care of her, so she'll do her best to take care of him, too. Maybe there's even some way to change him. Not the way the professor did, that's wrong, but the way they're supposed to do it.

There's plenty of food, and even regular food for Peter to eat. They're safe in the house, and they're mostly on their own. No one's even tried to check up on the professor for ages, which is good. Maybe she'll let the others snack on him too, before they bury him.

"No more grownups," Wendy whispers. There's nothing cutting her lip anymore; that was one of the first things she'd figured out. "Ever."

And if there are, well.


trinity blood isn't the best anime i've ever seen; that's a three-way tie between eva, paranoia agent, and cowboy bebop. but it's actually pretty good, especially the standalones. like episode seven, "never land", which i like to call "oh look, we re-interpreted 'peter pan' as a story with artificially-created baby vampires and gave abel a boyfriend in prison." (seriously, they did. it's awesome.)
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